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Started playing QN in 1999 on a p133 / 16mb / 33.6kbps, pinging 300ms on FFA servers, discovered QW several years after and got to know some qw players that lived around and started to play on lans. in 2004, reformed Savage Hunters clan along with Lalo, Ratosh and Freak, and after a really short period of time won a league of rookie clans.


Clan history

among some other minor or rather irrelevant clans:

QN (1999-2002)

  • Flag br.gif Os Mercenários Tag: OM
  • Flag br.gif Lords of Quake Tag: LQ
  • Flag br.gif Reis da Destruição Tag: RDD
  • Flag br.gif Serial Killers Tag: SKI

QW (2002-)


<> back in the QN days used to have the nickname Coveiro, but had to change it later on becouse there was already one Coveiro playing QW.

<> many (specially brazillians) wonder about the meaning of fateful, often mistaking it by faithful or fate-full ;

dictionary.com entries for 'FatefuL'

1. having momentous significance or consequences; decisively important; portentous.
2. fatal, deadly, or disastrous.
3. controlled or determined by destiny; inexorable; Bringing death, ruin or disaster; fatal.
4. prophetic; ominous


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