Terminal Gibbage

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The original UK quake clan.


  • Founded: August , 1996
  • Nationality: Flag uk.gif British
  • Clan prefix: tg

A Brief History of Teegee Time

(NB This was written in the 1990s and pasted here for posterity)

The History of Terminal Gibbage and the United Kingdom Online Quake Scene

Introduction -

Before we begin, it must be noted that this document is by no means complete. Should you find any errata/omissions within the passages, please mail me (onyx@netcomuk.co.uk) and say. Your contributions, are what is going to make this into a resource the whole UK community can be proud of. Extra detail is particularly required in the sections about the goings on outside of Terminal Gibbage.

Also please note that people change, and anyone who plays a role in this history isn't necessarily the same character in the present day. Any opinions expressed are that of the clan only, and present Terminal Gibbage's view of the UK scene, not an independent one.

Part A - The Gib Bang - by TG-Onyx

Just After Qtest Release (March 1996) - ???

Details on this section are hazy, due to it been such a long time ago. However, facts that are known is that the clan was founded as a LAN clan by Yibble and a few work mates soon after the 'clans phenomena' started appearing in America when qtest was released. Terminal Gibbage were one of the founders of the original clanring, and the first clan to be formed within the United Kingdom.

Any further information on this time period would be highly appreciated.

Part B - The Gib Bang (part II) - by TG-Jester

??? - December 1996

Five weeks after the split of Terminal Gibbage Yibble (then a #quake op) and Jester were chatting on IRC. The discussion turned to what had caused the TG split. Yibble and Jester talked for about an hour on the subject of clans, web sites and leagues. By the end of the IRC session the decision had been made to re-form the clan with Yibble and Jester as joint leaders. Yibble would handle the web site, Jester would be in charge of recruitment and arranging matches, practices etc... Within a week TG had recruited seven members. The first to sign up was Puppet Head. The night before the decision to reform TG was made Yibble and Jest had played a H00GE game on one of the few quake servers around. Puppet had been on the server at the time and the three of them had played for around three hours. Jester approached Puppet on #quake the day Teegee was reformed and he jumped at the chance of joining TG. Doofa who had been an all night FFA partner with Jest for a few weeks also joined that day along with Mad (a #quake op and level designer). Illusion a well known member of #quake was the next to join. After playing a couple of rounds of FFA with Puppet, Doofa and Yibble he was quickly signed up. Yibble spent the next week working on a TG web site and had one up and running the following weekend. That week the #tg quake channel was started on ircnet and has been the home of Terminal Gibbage ever since. This channel has survived for the best part of two years. It's had numerous bot, ops and take-over attempts but has always been the meeting and greeting place of TG members. Once Yibble had the web site up and running applications for trials started to flood in as people were keen to join in the net gaming craze. Kami.Kaze was a good player who could often be seen on the quake FFA servers high up the rankings. He was also a regular contributor to the alt.games.quake newsgroups. Jester had planned to get in touch with Kami about a TG trial until he spotted on the SPG website that he was already on their list of trialists. The following week Jest received a mail from Kami saying that he'd heard nothing from SPG and could he get a trial with TG? Kami's trial was a quick fifteen minute FFA on quake.demon.nl (the unofficial demon Netherlands server). The map was stuck on end.bsp (and with no helpful mods or rcon there was no way to change it). Kami kicked Yibs and Jest all over the map. And was immediately signed up for the TG team roster. The next person to be added to the TG team sheet was possibly the greatest player to ever have the "TG" prefix on their quake nick. His name was Scanman. Scan was sent to Jester by DC_dd. Scan had applied to join the Demonic Core but had been turned down as their ranks were already full. After seeing Scans skills on a FFA server he was snapped up instantly. Jester: "he was quite honestly the best modem player I had ever seen at that time." That same week Interphaze joined the squad. Phaze was recruited without trial. as he was soon to be an LPB (LPB's were like gold dust then. This was standard quake and modemers didn't stand a chance against people with sub 100ms pings) and he offered us our own clan server at tg.dialin.net. Jedi a good quake modemer also joined that week. And so the first Terminal Gibbage net squad was assembled. Thursday night was arranged to be clan practice night. For the first few weeks practices consisted of FFA on quake.demon.nl. As we waited for Phaze to arrange a Clan Server. Yibble set to work on a TG practice mod for the server which would allow various different teamplay modifications to help with the practices. Jedi our resident computer artist set to work on a TG skin - There were no quakeworld skins at that time and the only way skins could be used was using a program called multiskin. Jedi finished the TG skin three weeks later it was named terminal.pcx and was included in the first Id Software skin pack. Outside the clan the UK quake scene had started with a bang. Around 20 new clans had been formed. These included the Quake Lords formed by LordStorm (then just Storm) and LordHudson (who is currently a TG member under the name on UnZiP) and the Demonic Core formed by the brothers Osiris and Zozer. Other clans which formed at that time were Mental Carnage, The Desperadoes (now the Gib Gurus), The Devils Disciples, DN@, The Corporation, Clan Beer, The Upset Chaps, The Shotgun Posse, Clan Pendragon, QUTA, Vengeance and SPG. The clans which ruled were the clans with LPBs. Quake wasn't anywhere near playable for modemers compared to the silky smooth connects of LPBs. The Quake Lords, Demonic Core and SPG. Managed to secure a hold on the mass of LPB players and as these clans began to win games they attracted more and more good players. TG played a series of matches over the next four months. Many clans didn't use IRC and so it was often the case that you'd have to meet on match servers at game time. We usually tried to arrange games with teams who like us had very little or no LPBs. One of the most memorable matches (I think it was our third) was a game against The Desperadoes. It was TD's first ever clan match. The game (I think) was on dm6. Both Kami and Scan were on top form and TG won the match convincingly. This probably sticks in my because it was our first victory. Fuckall turned down - goes on to form the frag kings

Most of the clan activities were not on the net, but on the LAN, so the transition later to a net clan caused the clan to break up briefly.

Part C - The New Quakeworld's - by TG-Onyx

December 1996 - Friday March 28th 1997

The clan continued to develop even though it was without any clan structure. Midway through Jan, it was decided by the remaining members of the clan, that we should restructure. The new ethos of TG was to be 'Majority Rule', and it served us well. InterphaZe was elected as our 'spokesperson', to handle dealings with other clans and organisations. The old, and infrequently updated web page, was ripped, and put up in Illusion's webspace, so it could be updated more regularly. Whilst PhaZe started working on a new site, which can still be seen today at http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Pines/3205/ . A newbie llama by the name of 'AshAce' came onto IRCNET #quake a few weeks before Christmas, and begged someone to try and help him figure out why none of his netapps worked. InterphaZe stepped into help, and guided 'AshAce' through the DUN set-up process, for a grueling and obviously tedious length of time. 'AshAce' after a series of name transitions ('AshAce' to '^AA^' to, wait for it, 'cHaOs') joined Terminal Gibbage right at the beginning of the new year under the name he finally settled on, Onyx. PhaZe's server, Slaughter House, was running TF, and was the most popular TF server during that time. During the 4am blasts, good friends of the clan were made, including Shillelagh (then WK-Shillelagh), Hashikin, Bongzilla, ACME-Madkez (then RTW-Madkez), and Spirit^QPD (then CP-Spirit). A very promising player was also recruited into the clan, known only as Q. Claiming to be the WirePlay DukeNukem3d champion, and with an impressive QW skill/rank, we thought we had made a good signing. Q turned out to be a total wanker though. No one in the clan liked him, and he played complete shite in the one match he did play with us. It took about 2 weeks before we kicked him, and it was at this point that he decided he would take over our homeplace #tg on ircnet. He placed a bot on it, and for a while we had to use #tg2 as our channel (it just pissed us off and didn't sound right though..). Currently I believe that Q plays in the TF only clan SpiceGirls, under the name SG-Mry (though I could be wrong). We also made one other mistake in our recruiting period, and his name was Mother. Mother was an exceptional player, unfortunately though he was very young, and didn't fit at all well within Terminal Gibbage. Immature would be the correct word to describe him, so after a series of incidents, he was promptly kicked. Good friends were made on IRC also though, especially with a new clan known as The Unclan ({UN}). The Unclan, founded by The Nomad (of News from the Front), had decidedly weird web pages, but was full of really cool ppl. We played against {UN} in their first ever clan match where we spent about two hours in IRC trying to decide the levels (I think idctf1 and dm2 were eventually settled upon). Plagued by connection problems the match was a total failure, and it was the one and only clan battle that {UN} ever fought to my knowledge. Unfortunately, due to Nomad's (the founder/leader) increasingly severe 'Repetitive Strain Injury' in his wrists, the clan fell apart. It was at this point that Tyrell{UN} and Grim{UN} joined Terminal Gibbage. This was mainly due to Grim been voted #tg mascot due to the amount of time he spent in our channel :) It was around this time, that Onyx also made friends with a good player known as Odyssey, a future member of Terminal Gibbage that eventually turned out to have more than one side :) IRC #tg was the heart of Terminal Gibbage. Hours were spent just sitting around chatting and joking. Possibly the funniest moment was the 'MonkeySpanker' incident, but I wont say any more, else Phaz will never speak to me again, hehe. These days are always looked back on as some of the best times TG have had, not only cause of the coolness of our clan, but because we were winning! .... That's right, for the first 5 weeks of the new UKCL, we were undefeated. Been mentioned on 'News From The Front' in the same sentences as QPD, QL, and FK sure was nice (Nomad called us '..lethal, well-organised and efficient' once!!)... In fact, we were actually above the Demonic Core, as they been defeated by The QuakeLords, in possibly the biggest game ever played in the UK (seriously, gamesnet #ukcl was packed with people, scores were transmitted live over to the channel, and no one knew who would win). On our 5 win run we beat WeedKillers, The Desperadoes, Vengeance, Boy Of Grangermouth and finally, TheX. This was our crowning match, as TheX at the time were doing very well and were a strong clan. The match on e4m3 was to be one of the most prepared for matches in TG history. ScanmaN had written extensive tactics, and we were gonna w000p some arse, which we did, courtesy of another ScanmaN double hard bastard performance at the Hump RL. In week 6, we were to experience our first loss, a respectable 173 - 78 scoreline against QPD, but week 7 was not to be so good for us.... Outside of the clan, the very first release of QuakeWorld was distributed by iD software, and the majority of the UK scene switched over almost immediately. The UKCL, in the process of restarting, played a major factor in the swift transition, as it required ALL clan games to be played in QW. Other leagues were starting as well, such as the Modemers Clan War (MCW) and the United Kingdom Single Player Championship (UKSPC). These were the days of QL-LordStorm, DC-Sujoy and QPD-Fragga, each vying for the top spot in the Minos UK skill table (and the world..). Many people look back at this time however, and see the harm that the ranking system did to the game. Sportsmanship was lost. People were fragged as they were typing, players backed away from challenges, incase they lost there precious skill, and newbie llamas were hunted relentlessly from server to server.

Part D - Black (Arse)holes - by TG-Onyx

Friday March 28th 1997 - Sunday June 8th 00:37:38 1997

Week 7 of the UKCL would turn out to be disastrous for Terminal Gibbage. Hailed on NFTF :- "On Sunday, we have what I think could be the biggest match of the weekend: Terminal Gibbage, boasting the formidable likes of ScanMan and of course Interphaz, the sysop of the popular Slaughterhouse server, against Demonic Core, reeling from a below-average performance recently but still boasting the formidable might of Paragon, DD, Nightwing and of course the current European no. 1 Sujoy." Scheduled to play against the Demonic Core, the hopes looked bleak, but we were determined to come out of the game with our dignity intact. The game took place on Mother's day, at around 3.00pm, and TG would never be the same again after that. Playing with 1 ISDN and 4 Modemers, we took on DC-Sujoy, DC-Nightwing, DC-Paragon, DC-Moose2000 (all on SuperJanet) and DC-Jibsta (an amazing modemer), and got absolutely and totally annihilated. After 6 weeks of winning, and proudness, this was a nasty wake up call, and it sent the clan reeling. To tell the truth, the clan had lost sight of what we are meant to be about (Fun), and winning had become the priority. This loss shook us to the core, and inevitably led to what was to follow, the merging with Clan Corpus. Both clans needed each other, as CC were in need of quality modemers, and TG were in need of super LPB's. After a series of VERY long mails (essay's) discussing the pro's and con's, it was unanimously agreed within TG that the 'merge' should go ahead. This was to be the very first ever clan 'merging' of this type within the UK, and would end up actually setting a trend that continues to this day (Corona Discharge and Clan Pendragon, HellBringers and Fallen Angels, Buckshot Brigade and Clan Pendragon to name a few...). Setting the way was not to be easy though, as right from the start, things did not go as planned. The so-called merge turned out in fact to be Terminal Gibbage becoming Clan Corpus. We were originally going to be named 'Terminal Corpus', never happened. InterphaZe and Rawmeat were going to be joint leaders, never happened. Things weren't all bad in Corpus though. The respect a CC- infront of your name gives to you was a bonus, highlights of which included people saying 'Oh shit, its a CC' and leaving a server when you join, and been able to take credit and glory for the clan's victories against the other top clans in the UK. CC was part of the big 4, at the time... QuakeLords, Demonic Core, Quake Police Department and ourselves. Been mentioned of like this really boosts your ego, but it was a shallow pleasure, and never lived up to the true fun of the days of Terminal Gibbage... The ethic of winning was showing its true side to us, and we were suddenly realising just what we had lost in Terminal Gibbage. The worst incident that illustrates this point was for the match with The Riders of Telgar Weyr (RTW). Rawmeat had decided, that in an effort to boost our frag difference, he would play 5 super LPB's (Quicksilver, Dibbler, Pyro, Rawmeat and Angel, the so-called dream team), against 5 inexperienced modemers. The result was predictable. Other things, including been told not to be online at a certain time, so we could deliberately default to the Demonic Core, just heightened the developing tension between the ex-TG's and the CC's. Even a long term member of CC, Angel, was quoted as saying when he quit :- "Tired of the CC tag (which for some reason makes you a bit of a 'wanker')- don't get me wrong, most of the CC guys are diamonds, but there is a very arrogant and malicious element to CC that goes beyond a joke sometimes and that's when I've got to say 'Enough's enough.'." This series of disappointments, as well as personality clashes within the clan, notably between Rawmeat/Besty and Grim/Kami eventually led to the near break-up of the Terminal Gibbage group of friends. First Kami retired from CC, followed closely by Illusion and InterphaZe, and finally DocTyrell, Grim and Onyx. Both InterphaZe and Kami had organised trials for new clans, and we were all beginning to walk different paths... Outside of the volatile world of our clan dealings, the UK quake scene was forming behind its own distinctive identity. The United Kingdom Quake Team, comprised of the countries best low ping bastards, came into existence, and dealt some w00pings to our European counterparts (Finland, then Sweden). In IRC, after a revolt against qdude and his method of running #quake, the entire UK clan scene moved its home onto #quake.uk. QuakeWorld v1.5 was also released, removing the ranking system, and introducing 32 player quake. Once again, quake would become about gibs and not rank. Onyx, with a spark of inspiration, started the United Kingdom One on One League (UKooL), and after small beginnings, ended up been in charge of 15 admins, a 24hr server, 9 custom 1on1 maps, 160 of the best players from all over Europe, and one hell of a headache. Terminal Gibbage members are just not cut out for administration =) The Modemers Clan War (MCW) started, before grinding to a halt and having to stop again, whilst the United Kingdom Clan league progressed into the final games of the season. Various other leagues popped up such as UKCL4X (where 4 clans compete at once) and UKQCR (a ladder based clan tourney). Throughout all this time, one clan reigned supreme, The QuakeLords. Mad skillz, amazing team play, and win or die ethics, created a domination never seen before. They were in fact still unbeaten by ANY clan in the UKCL, with only one team left that would appear to pose any threat, fellow undefeated, Quake Police Department.

Part E - Teegee - The Next Generation - By TG-Onyx

Sunday June 8th 00:37:38 1997 - Mid August 1997

The restart was a sudden one, in response to yet another disagreement within CC. Grim, DocTyrell and Onyx finally snapped and re-created clan Terminal Gibbage and re-entered there home in #tg. A mail was drafted to the CC mailing list, it read :- "This goes out to all the clan. As from tonight DocTyrell, Grim, and myself no longer wish to be part of Clan Corpus. We all feel that leaving TG was a bad step, as it thrust us from a group of tight-knit friends, into a large and way more impersonal circle, which just didn't have the same feel, and we miss it *sniff*. It has been great having the CC- prefix in front of our name, especially when u join a server and everyone shits themselves <g>. We have come to realise that there is more to quake than winning, through recent debates throughout the quake community. So from now on we intend to have FUN. We will be reforming TG, trying to recreate the atmosphere we once had, i.e. a bunch of friends enjoying quake/irc together and having a laff. We dont give a 4X about winning, as long as we get close games with BOG, LI etc. We are sorry to leave you up shit creek, as regards to MCW and the leagues, as I realise you have lost a great deal of your modem squad. We cannot justify staying any longer though, as we could be having so much fun back at TG <g> Don't flame us too bad for this, remember quake is for fun Ashley, Tristan, and Dave." Within minutes of this mail going out, Nutz, and real life friend of DocTyrell's had been asked to join, and the new TG was up to 4 members. Kamikaze also joined 20 minutes later, as soon as he heard about the reform, rapidly followed by Illusion, who had quit quake. The next day UnZiP a friend from IRC was recruited, and Interphaz also returned to the fold after breaking off a trial he was having in 'The X' clan. With real life (tm) safely back in position, Yibble returned just in time for the re-form, bringing our members up to 9. Kage, at TFS at that time, and now a member of the UK quake team, wanted to join TG, but because some members disagreed, it was decided not to accept him. With the collapse of the ancient and respected UK clan the 'Frag Kings' (FK), Pandora also wanted to join, but again we had to turn her away as some members objected. In the end, the only original member that didn't un-split from CC to rejoin with TG was Scanman, who elected to stay with them. This was a great loss for TG, because not only was Scanman a formidable player, but he also was/is a very good friend as well. Kamikaze put up a temporary web page on his demon space, with some cool graphics of all TG standing in a row with their skins on, and this page eventually developed into the TG homepage itself. Doctyrell was also updating his page 'A day in the life of TG', whilst Nutz threw up a page as well. Illusion shoves his bot into #tg, and the clan generally began trying to rebuild its infrastructure. It was decided about a week after the reform, that's it was time to recruit new members, as 9 was deemed not enough. Jester returned on the 24th of June, after been off-line since QuakeWorld was first released after he had been forced to sell his computer. Fatalsync, who had trialed for TG along time ago, joined on 13th August when we were short of players for the TFS MCW match. Jester's return provided a much needed shot of enthusiasm. In fact, the situation had become so serious that several emergency meetings had been called, one notably after we had been dealt a severe beating by ACME, where it was realised something had to be done quickly to keep the clan from falling apart. In effect, TG was going through all the trials a new clan does, and certainly wasn't an easy ride. There was however, room for just one more member... Odyssey. Odyssey initially wanted to join TG just before the CC merge, but the merge itself stopped him joining. He went on to join the Quake Police Department (QPD), a testament to his considerable skills. Hearing about the TG reform however, his choice was plain, and he quickly left QPD, to join with his first choice clan, Terminal Gibbage. We recruited our new modemers just in time for the 3rd restart of the MCW, and elected to enter into it. Placed into division 2, we would be playing against some good clans, and new it wouldn't be easy. However, in retrospect we didn't have the infrastructure sufficiently in place to be able to organise a team of 4 or 5 players each week. Problems with members having to work, and lack of communication caused us to often play men down, with scant tactics/preparation, or even default loss. At the end of the season this found us facing a relegation battle to stay in division 2. Predictably, we default lost this match, and were relegated to the bottom division of the MCW, division 3. This however proved to be the turning point for the clan... Outside of the clan, the first season of the UKCL came to a dramatic close. The crunch match occurred between QPD and QL, with both sides undefeated throughout the season. The Quakelords prevailed, and finished the season in style, winning every single match they had played that season, and taking the first ever UKCL title. The QuakeLords also realised success in the dramatic end to the MCW season. Beating both DC and DOM on frag difference, they snatched the title of champions of division 1, and were undoubtedly the dominant clan in the United Kingdom. John Burton long term co-ordinator of the UKCL resigned his position at the end of the season, leaving the system reeling. Adze^QPD quickly stepped in and put up an emergency web page, and new helpers and infrastructure was put in place, with Killjoy^QPD in his place. Clan Corpus, after loosing members on a regular basis after the TG players left, eventually disbanded. Rawmeat, Quicksilver and Dibbler jacked clan quake in, Besty and Kong went on to form SAS with relative newcomer from the spilt clan Dark Deviants Aerotus, Kaneda (aka Coredump) joined ACME whilst Toxic and ScanmaN joined the Quake Police Department. Arguably two of the best United Kingdom players called it a day at this time as well. QL-Ettu, described as 'evil' by iD guru John Carmack, retired quake to spend more time with his newly wed wife, but he can still occasionally be seen on Ultima Online servers. Fragga^QPD, arguably the best modemer in the UK, also had departure forced upon him due to a £700 phone bill! The loss of both these players was a hit for their clans, and the scene in general, since they were scholars, gentlemen and acrobats (or summit...). This was the time of 'BigGames', organised from IRC, which consisted of two large teams pitted against each other in Death32. The more 'Hardcore' players (:P) could be found past midnight on the ACME passworded server, playing pickup games till the wee hours on popular team levels such as UKCLDM2 by Slayer, UKCLDM4 by Rorshach and Titan2 again by Slayer.

Part F - We get fragged, but we get up again - By TG-Onyx

Mid August 1997 - Early December 1997

Our numbers carried on steadily increasing though. Ravage, left his clan (HPB) to join up, and a Swedish LPB joined up, after getting disillusioned with the Scandinavian scene. This semi-LPB, Wintermute, was badly needed if we were to stand a chance in this season of the UKCL. A skilled modemer found on FFA servers called Darkfire was also recruited, bringing our total up to 16, though a lot of players were inactive at this time. The kick up the arse from been relegated to the bottom division in the MCW, kickstarted the clan, and our organisation began returning. We all took a vote to elect a leader, and the responsible ones Kami and Phaz both got voted in, with Kami having to decline due to a lack of net time. Jester also started work on the sketchy beginnings of the Terminus, with help from Kami and the content on the 'temporary' TG site. Onyx was assigned as Tactics man and started collating information from various mails and turning them into web pages. Grim was placed in charge of organising teams for the MCW, and Phaz was in charge of putting teams together for the UKCL. All this new structure worked wonders, and from going from the clan been relegated by default, to having tactics and a team sorted and practiced for game day took only the month between seasons. Hence our UKCL and MCW went very well. In the UKCL we battled all season and managed to qualify for the bloodbowl, which was an excellent result for us considering our lack of LPB's at the time. Our MCW season also went amazingly well, with us remaining undefeated all season and regaining our rightful place in division 2. Midway through the seasons, a 'minor scandal' occurred within the ranks of TG. It was discovered that the excellent modemer, Odyssey was in fact an alias used by leader of the highly successful clan Dominion, Salamander. Playing in two clans in the same league is against the rules in the UKCL and MCW, so Odyssey had no choice but to resign from TG. The implications for both involved clans were serious, though possibly more so in DOM who lost a lot of confidence in their leader, a factor that may have contributed to their split up a few weeks later. DOM splitting up would be a major event in the UK scene, because they were a serious contender for the MCW overall title, and a strong player in the UKCL. DOM players scattered throughout the main clans, with Salamander joining the elitist Demonic Core, and Bigfoot joining with a lot of other DOM in forming HC (the Happy Campers). The restless ISDN player Kage, was admitted into the strengthening ranks of QPD, with the remainder of the fragmented DOM spreading to other clans. Other falls from grace included the QuakeLords, who suffering from the loss of their leader LordStorm, a major driving force in the clan, as well as been plagued by bad connections, suffered a string of defeats, and fell out of contention for both leagues. QPD took their place, helped by the swelling ranks of skilled players such as Spirit (leaving ancient Clan Pendragon), Cenobite (leaving the sinking Quakelords) and Coerj (leaving CIX). When the ACME clan server was taken down, new clan TS (Tortured Souls), provided an excellent replacement, and the past midnight games carried on with great popularity, so much so that at 2am 7vs7 Titan2 games were not a rarity at all. Players frequenting this server included Jester, Wintermute, Onyx, Bigfoot, Kong, Madkez, Mani, Trotter, Narayan, Keyz, RobertJ, aXY, Loaded, Andro, Jimbo, DragonFang and Phase, with many other players popping in for a quick night when they fancied it.

Part G - It Continues - By TG-Onyx

Early December 1997 - Onwards.....

..... The past, present, and future of Terminal Gibbage continues, as it always will. The golden eras have passed, but we have many more moments of glory ahead of us. Let us learn from our mistakes, and let us be forgiven our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Give us this day, our daily frag, and lead us not into camping. Teegee.


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