Spawn modes

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Spawn mode is the algorithm the server uses to determine where a "new born" player should appear in the map. In each map there is a limited amount of spawn points where a player can spawn.


Normal QuakeWorld respawns

  • Only telefrag someone if there is no free spawn spot
  • Possible to spawn two (or even more) times in a row at the same spawn point (information deducted from KTX docs & config comments)

Kombat Teams Spawn Safety

  • Do not spawn at the same spawn spot twice in a row.
  • If there are no free spawn spots, move the spawner little bit away from spawn spot and spawn there.

Kombat Teams Respawns

  • Do not spawn at the same spawn spot twice in a row
  • Spawn on any spawn point but do not telefrag a player who has spawned less than 120 gameticks ago
  • When match is started and there are no free spawning spots some of the spawning players are moved away from spawn spots and spawn there to avoid telefrags

KTPro Spawn

Match start: For the first spawns in a game telefrags are prevented, while the mod tries to find a free spot for every player. If there is no free spawn point for a player, he will idle outside the map waiting for a spawn point to be cleared, but not longer than 2 seconds. If a player that has already spawned doesn't move away from the spawn point within that time he could be telefragged.

During the game: From then on, players will respawn in random spawn points that are not occupied by recently (max. 2 seconds ago) respawned player. If such a spawn point doesn't exist, a random spawn point will be chosen.

KTPro Spawn Safety

Every time a player spawns the mod searches for a free spot. If it finds several spawn spots, a random one will be chosen. If there is no free spawn point available, the player waits outside the map for a free spot for 2 seconds. After that time the spawn point will be chosen randomly.

KTX Respawns

  • Do not spawn at the same spawn spot twice in a row
  • Do not telefrag player who has just spawned at given spawn point
  • Otherwise: telefrag

Purpose: It's based on Kombat Teams Respawns, but with different match start algorithm - doesn't place the player a bit to the side from the spawn point. On dm3 4on4, there is not enough spawn points for everyone, so telefragging will happen. It gives alot of telefrags but still prevents spawn player twice in row at the same spot. KTX authors claim that it is the best spawn mode for 1on1 2on2 3on3 and 4on4. The main reason of new spawn model was lack of "good" respawn model for 4on4.

During the match, you can get telefragged by walking over a spawn point.

Better explanation needed. KTX author claims there are more differences in this spawn model (compared to KTPro Spawns) than just match start situation.

KTX2 Respawns

  • Like KTX Respawns, but you can spawn the same spawn spot twice in a row

First a random spawn point is chosen. If this spawn point is the same spawn point where the player spawned last time, a new spawn point is chosen again and the player is spawned there, even if it's the same spawn spot again.

The probability of spawning at the same spawn spot is 1/(N*N), where N is the number of spawn points on the current map.

E.g.: map with six spawn points.

  • P(spawn same spot in KTPro) = 1/N = 16%
  • P(spawn same spot in KTX) = 0%
  • P(spawn same spot in KTX2) = 1/(N*N) = 2,8%

Molgrum's Jawnmode

Adds custom probabilities to spawn points with the goal to have more equal spawn counts for each spawn point.

SR Spawn Safety

Only applicable on official DM2 games played against Slackers, when Slackers is guaranteed the low RL, high RL, Quad, and RA/MH spawns.


KT Spawn Safety YES YES YES
KTPro Spawn no YES no
KTPro Spawn Safety no YES no
KTX Respawns no no YES
KTX2 Respawns no no YES
Molgrum's Yawnmode no no YES


There are some main game situations players are concerned about when it comes to spawn-telefrags:

  • S - Starting Telefrags: does a match start lead to a small initial randomness in the scores in a usual 4on4 game because there is not enough spawns for everyone in every map
  • M - Move Players Around: in dm3 4on4 some players may spawn directly on rocket launcher or closer to YA and therefore have higher probability of taking the Pent powerup
  • B - Block a Spawn Point: anyone is able to prevent other players to spawn at given spawn point by just standing at it - presuming there are always some free spawn points elsewhere in the map
  • A - Avoid Spawn Points: when moving across the map you have to avoid spawn points because you can get spawn-telefragged - even when presuming there are always some free spawn points elsewhere in the map; This is considered as a skill by some players.
Mode S M B A
Normal QW YES no YES no
KT Spawn Safety no YES YES no
KT Respawns no YES no YES
KTPro Spawn no no no YES
KTPro Spawn Safety no no YES no
KTX Respawns YES no no YES
KTX2 Respawns YES no no YES