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Late 90's LPB clan from Stockholm Enskede


Clan Spartacus was founded in late 1998 by neighborhood friends Nikita, Angua, Daver and Marx during ToT-lan in Västerås. Most games were played from the same spot in Stockholm, Enskede, with (at the time) a crazy fast ADSL connection (2 mbit Bonet).

The clan was put to rest in 2001 when most members transfered to the new game Counter-Strike and the new clan Rote Armee Fraktion.

Spartacus was later refounded by Angua and Xerial at different occasions.

Different nicks can be spotted on screenshots over time, they translates to:

Nikita = Chita, LordMolgan, Warzavapakten, Flat-eric

Daver = D, Light

Angua = Rincewind, A, Rince, Esmeralda, Kmo, =S=

Honken = Warzava, Assberg, Sara

Marx = Ubermann, UberM, Uberalles



2000 to ....

Late 1998 to Early 1999

Midterm 1999 to Late 1999


Sturing up emotions & Raising pulses.

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