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Second team founded by Slackers players ParadokS and Murdoc.


The plan of creating a second team had been on the Flag eu.gif Slackers table for quite a long time. The initial idea was to gather active new players that would form a division five team. There was something like an application form and somewhat of a site made by Murdoc. It was well over a year later, maybe even two, when things started to roll again.

It was quickly decided that forming a division five team would need more time than they had, the plan changed to create a division two team with players that had potential to grow into division one. It didn't take too much time to get Flag pl.gif Cpe, Flag nl.gif Mja, Flag se.gif TheEvilDog and Flag hu.gif Zero. It seemed wise to add a player from Flag eu.gif Slackers one to coach while being on the team itself and since the first team had enough members since Flag se.gif Pascal joined Flag se.gif Krab teamed up with Flag eu.gif Slackers 2.

EQL Season 5 was the first tournament that the team entered and it went fairly well. For different reasons during the season Flag se.gif Åke Vader joined the ranks. After ending third in the regular season the team made the finals of division two where they faced Flag pl.gif Death Dealers. Having a degraded lineup, missing Åke Vader and Krab and thus playing with Zero, TheEvilDog, Mja and Cpe, the team couldn't reach the level of playing they usually did. On the first two maps, dm3 and e1m2, Zero played very good and thus the team took a 2-0 lead. After this Death Dealers, who played with Flag pl.gif Avenger, Flag england.gif Serox, Flag england.gif Keyser, Flag se.gif Moltas, Flag pl.gif Plast and Flag pl.gif Blasphemer, won the next three maps and thus the division 2 final.

After the season summer kicked in and about a month before the regular season Flag se.gif Martin joined Slackers. Flag se.gif Åke Vader had left due to inactivity and there had been little to no pracs. At this stage a new idea came up, creating two even division one teams. The initial idea was to have Flag dk.gif ParadokS, Flag nl.gif Murdoc, Flag pl.gif Insane and Flag se.gif Krab in one team and Flag se.gif Martin, Flag se.gif Pascal, Flag nl.gif Dragon and Flag hu.gif Zero in the other. After a few weeks and not too many pracs from both teams Flag se.gif Martin and Flag se.gif Pascal decided to revive Fragomatic.

After this event things turned back to the old situation of having SR1 and SR2. Since Slackers 2 got promoted to division one and were struggling a bit it was decided they needed some recruits. The first one to join was Flag nl.gif Purity, Flag nl.gif Dragon had been lobbying for ages to get him in Slackers itself but it never happened. Slackers 2 was less of a problem but even with the new player the team still wasn't ready for division one and after some serious talking skills by ParadokS the old Flag se.gif Lege Artis player (just like Purity playing in Freedom the season before) Flag se.gif Striker joined and the team was complete.

EQL Season 6 turned out to have two sides, at the start of the season everybody was active, Flag se.gif Sassa was an admin and said the playoffs would be held on QHLAN 11, then the site went down and nothing happened before the new year had started and someone else picked up the slack. Without a site playoffs were held, Slackers 2 had played maybe two maps in a few months time and Flag se.gif Striker was nowhere to be found. Still they managed to win an e1m2 against the later winners Flag fi.gif The Viper Squad in the semifinal.

The season after activity wasn't high enough to keep two teams and both merged. The then former second team players Flag hu.gif zero and Flag se.gif krab became regulars in the starting lineup from EQL Season 7 onwards, zero remains active and a starter in the first team of Slackers to this day. Other ex-Slackers 2 players Flag nl.gif Mja and Purity made official appereances for the first team a few times per season between EQL7 and EQL11 including the EQL10 semifinal against Flag se.gif Fragomatic. Ex-SR2 player Flag se.gif TheEvilDog played for the first team in EQL10 and EQL11 group games. Krab took a step back in EQL Season 12 when Flag se.gif En_karl joined the first team, when ex-Slackers and Slackers 2 player Flag se.gif Striker also joined he even became number 6 during this season. When En_karl left again the season after, EQL Season 13, he was pretty active as number 5 again as Striker took a spot in the first four.

A few years after the second team merged with the first, in december 2010, Slackers decided to revive this project. Ironicly the first Slackers team featured a lot of old Slackers 2 players since Flag se.gif Striker, who didn't play since he quit while he was in Slackers II rejoined Slackers shortly before the revival of the seacond team. Flag hu.gif Zero was still a starting player and also Flag se.gif krab was active with the first team as their fifth player. The new Slackers II team played their first games together in the EQL Pro qualifications, where they were unable to qualify being a fresh team who didn't play together at all before the qualification started. The players they fielded were Flag se.gif Phrenic, Flag dk.gif CrazyMac, Flag fi.gif Niomic, Flag fi.gif Jebbis, Flag pl.gif Kloze and Flag fi.gif Bandit. As Flag dk.gif CrazyMac only played the qualification because Flag dk.gif ParadokS asked him to and he didn't intend to stay with the team, Flag dk.gif Niw took his spot in the new lineup.

With this lineup they entered EQL Season 13 and played in division 1. Slackers II missed the playoffs due to some controversial decisions by the admin team. Besides the fact that the points system was a bit weird (flawed in some peoples eyes), meaning that SR2 with 4 games won missed playoffs while TKS made it while they only won two games (but lost more often with 1-2). The controversy was that TKS was allowed to play DC after the regular season ended even though this season intentionally didn't feature a catch up week and also that the admins allowed them to play both games (against the same opponent) on the same day (this wasn't allowed according to the rules). This led to some drama and TKS passing SR2 on the standings after the last day of the regular season, knocking SR2 out of the playoffs.

After this season the team was rebuild, Flag fi.gif Bandit and Flag fi.gif Moje were asked to leave. Flag se.gif Phrenic decided to try his luck elsewhere and joined the new team Flag se.gif Sublime. Flag se.gif Krab went back to lead the second team since he didn't get much playing time in the first team and Flag se.gif TheEvilDog rejoined the second team, they formed the new team with Flag dk.gif niw and Flag pl.gif Kloze who stayed with the team. Flag fi.gif niomic is expected to come back after summer when the competitions start again.



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