QuakeWorld BR 2on2 - Rules

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Registration fee 50 reais per team. Signups closed March 26th.


Team Players
Hallucinogenics Horses Brazil SrHemp, Brazil Power
God's Soldiers -GS- Brazil Fantasma, Brazil Soultaker
Team Morais Brazil Cobalt, Brazil Snoopy
Frontal na Boca Brazil Brollyn, Brazil Guns
100Kill Brazil An1k, Brazil Lighter
420 Friends Brazil Lessa, Brazil Mur
Team Kill Brazil Kbeça, Brazil Degas
Try Again - TAG Brazil Morp, Brazil Forever
Predictors Brazil Psy DJ, Chile Isimon
União Nordéstica Brazil X1bot, Brazil Helm
..... Pé de CaChoRRo ..... Brazil Dilbert, Brazil LessaPai
Catarina Brazil Seven (br), Brazil GT


dm4 dm6 aerowalk ztndm3 bravado
Dm4 Dm6 Aerowalk Ztndm3 Bravado


  • ezQuake 3.2.2+
  • Rulesets: QCON, Smackdown

Game configuration

  • Timelimit 10 minutes
  • Overtime 3 minutes
  • Deathmatch 3
  • Teamplay 2
  • Powerups: DM4 off, DM6 off, AEROWALK on, ZTNDM3 on, Bravado on
  • Discharges on
  • Teamoverlay on
  • Fairpacks off
  • KTX2 spawns (but teams can agree otherwise)
  • sv_maxfps 77
  • Without berzerk, midair, instagib or other unusual modes
  • Fallbunny on (but teams can choose to play without)
  • scr_allowsnap 1 (admins will be able to request screenshots at any time during the match)


  • All games are BO5
  • Group stage: One Round Robin Group with 12 teams, top 4 advance to Playoffs
  • Playoffs: Single Elimination Bracket


  • Aerowalk
  • Bravado
  • DM4
  • DM6
  • ZTNDM3


It must be done on the specific channel at Discord QuakeWorld Brasil. Put the compressed demos in a single file there, and put the prints of the results of each map directly into the channel


The server is at the discretion of the players, however servers should always be chosen that provide similar pings. In case of disagreement between the teams, request the decision of an admin

The following will not be accepted during the games

  • Voluntary server disconnection. If it occurs, the victory will be given by WO to another team on the map in question.
  • Insults of any kind to any other participant or tournament admin.
  • Delay or no-show at the scheduled time. We all have commitments, and the agreed schedule must be met. The tolerance is 30 minutes late. If any of the players exceeds the grace period, the opposing team has the right to declare that they will not wait any longer and take the victory by WO. In the event of unforeseen events, we expect players to use common sense and agree.


There will be a deadline for each stage, in which each game will have 1 week to be played. In the event of a delay, the reason must be communicated to an admin.

Game schedules must be made on the specific channel on the QuakeWorld Brasil discord. If a WO is needed, the messages on that channel can be used as evidence by the admins.

Tournament focused on the Brazilian community

Brazilian servers are preferred, even if the subscribers are from other countries (only South America). However, if the teams agree, they can play on any other server they wish.

Signups from brazilians living abroad are also accepted.