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One of the first ever clans to be created in Germany.


QuakeMaster Clan was created on the legendary german Posbi servers. To play in a clan was uncommon at this time. However, when ID Software started their clan contest and distributing IDs, Psi got curious and decided that a clan was something he'd want to be in as well. He then talked to Bohrmaschine on the Posbi servers and they decided to start a clan. Since both players were extremely creative, they came up with QuakeMaster Clan.

So Psi decided to recruit his real life friend and lan buddy Rafzahn while Bohrmaschine decided to recruit his real life friend Nagger. And because the ID Software Clan contest required clans to have 5 members, they furthermore decided to get Ash on bord. A quick nick change to QM-<nick> and the clan was born!

The first official game happened vs notorious German Quakers Die Fette Faust.

Not long after the creation of QuakeMasters, the clan disbanded. Ash was recruited by Die Fette Faust. Nagger and Bohrmaschine disappeared only to be never heard from again. Soon later, Psi and Rafzahn decided to team up with Qlemens to form The Headsmasherz.



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