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Son of the owner of the venue used for QHLAN 11 to us Quakers. Psykopatrik was mostly seen explaining black holes, discussing Einstein, The Matrix, martial arts, self-healing videos and wanting people's attention to talk about nothing. LSD 1 - Sebbe 0. During the last night of the event something had to be done, so the police was notified. Sebbe was picked up and sent to Maria Ungdom for detox. Good luck in the future and see you at next QHLAN, Sebbe!

  • Real name: Sebbe
  • Date of birth: Unknown
  • Nationality: Flag se.gif Swedish
  • Current clan:


  • Flag se.gif LethalWiz came up with the nickname "Psykopatrik".
  • Has a Facebook page, does anyone know his username?
  • Tried to steal Warzon trophy because apparently it was a symbol for "finding himself" the day before.
  • Started crying loudly when above mentioned plan failed.
  • Gave Flag nl.gif reppie two statues for no apparent reason. One depicting Buddha's head, and the other depicting three monkeys.


  • Attended QHLAN 11.
  • Found the meaning of life, the universe and everything (but failed to explain it properly).


  • "Come check this out" (uttered to everyone he could lay his eyes on)
  • "Do you know the movie The Matrix?" (see above)
  • "Hey, wake up" waking Flag se.gif LethalWiz up and asking if he wanted a bed.
  • "I'm gonna motherfucking kill you!" threatening Flag dk.gif Zalon to his life for ignoring him.
  • "Give me a hug!" when hugging Flag dk.gif ncp unexpectedly from behind, then pulling ncp's shoulder to turn him around, and yelling "No, give me a *real* hug," while hugging him from the front.
  • "Do you want some tea?" (after waking Flag se.gif z0det up in the middle of the night)
  • "I don't do drugs. I'm not that kind of person, you know."
  • "Somebody put LSD in my drink!"
  • ( When the police came to pick him up) "No I have to talk to my girlfriend"
  • "Vi måste skaka hand med demonen i spegeln" (translated to "We have to shake hands with the demon in the mirror"

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