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Prozac-TF is a popular modification of Shaka's CustomTF, created by Often of Clan Prozac. Recently, Shaka took over coding of Prozac-TF as well. Prozac-TF is now the official branch of the CustomTF code, so it is appropriate to refer to it by either name.


CustomTF plays almost identically to the original Team Fortress. A major design goal of the code base is to keep the new commands and model and sound downloads to a minimum, to lessen the learning curve for normal Team Fortress players. The following commands are the only commands added by CustomTF, and most are optional:

  • "Custom": Tells the game to switch you to a custom playerclass the next time you die. You will drop into a class builder, which will let you select which weapons, armor, skills, items, and special abilities you want to have, subject to a $10,000 ($11,000 on many servers) purchase limit.
  • "Uncustom": If you type "Custom" by accident, this tells the server that you want to keep your current build.
  • "Upgrade": Sells all of your frags, up to a maximum of 50, and puts you into custom class generation the next time you die. You gain an additional $100 per frag you sell. If you ever re-customize your class, or upgrade again, those bonus dollars disappear.
  • "Skill": If you buy a profession (see below), all of the professions are activated by the "Skill" command. The Runner will sprint, the Judoka will disarm someone, the Thief will hide in shadows, the Tae Kwon Do Black Belt will make a mighty leap, etc.

And that's it.

Voting Commands

Except for a brief period of time right after a new map has started up, players may call votes to switch the map or punish other players. Votes require a 50% majority to pass, with at least 40% of the server voting either yes or no. For example, on a 7 player game, two players voting "yes" and one player voting "no" would be sufficient for a measure to pass.

  • "Votemap". This brings up the map voting window. You can cycle through maps available for vote (server admins can set the map voting options). You can propose to switch maps immediately, or after the current map is finished. You can set the server either into AGR mode (in which the red team attacks while the blue team defends), or in normal mode.
  • "Punish". This brings up a menu used to deal with problematic players. Cycle through the list of players until the troublemaker is selected. Then choose to kick (drop him from the server), curse (spin him around and make him unable to attack), mute (cannot talk), cuff (cannot execute commands) or ban him (2 hour temporary ban) from the server. Players being punished can not vote no on themselves, unless there are four or less players on the server.
  • "Voteyes". When a vote is going on, typing "Voteyes" will set you as a "Yes" vote.
  • "Voteno". When a vote is going on, typing "Voteyes" will set you as a "No" vote.

Votes last for one minute, but can end early if a majority of players on the server vote one way or the other. Barring that, the server will send a reminder out 15 seconds before the deadline to players that haven't voted.

Server Commands

If you're running a CustomTF server, there's quite a few options that can be set. Consult the README in the release documentation for full details. Most have shorter aliases, such as either "money" or "m", since there is a small limit on the bytes of infokeys you can set. Most all of the old Team Fortress settings work. The most important ones are listed here:

  • "serverinfo a on" or "serverinfo autoteam off". Turns on or off automatically putting players on teams that have fewer players.
  • "serverinfo g on" or "serverinfo g off". Turns the grappling hook on or off (given free to players) on a map.
  • "serverinfo m 10000" or "serverinfo money 15000". Sets the amount of money players have to work with to 10,000 or 15,000, respectively.
  • "serverinfo j on" or "serverinfo jello off" or "serverinfo j 1200". Turns Jello Water on, off, or the strength to 1200, respectively. Jello Water causes the player to bounce when he hits water, which transforms the strategy on many maps. Scuba Gear allows players to swim through Jello Water as normal.
  • "serverinfo agr on" or "serverinfo agr off". Turns AGR (attackers go red) mode on or off.
  • "serverinfo redir <IP>". All players that connect to the server get redirected automatically to the server at IP address <IP>.
  • "serverinfo prematch 30". Sets a prematch time to 30 seconds. In other words, it gives players 30 seconds to get their stuff together at the start of a map before the game really begins. Anyone who spawns during prematch can run around and shoot (though not get any frags), but everyone dies when the prematch time ends, beginning the game with a fresh start.

Furthermore, there's serverinfo keys that can turn on or off most of the options in the menus, the cool gibs and kickable heads, turn on or off stock classes or the ability to custom, adjust the sniper damage,

Basic Classes

CustomTF supports all the original classes in Team Fortress, with some minor modifications to put them on par with custom classes. Many players use "stock" classes as a quick way of building a character when in a time-critical situation.

The basic classes can be considered packages of purchases, can contain special things only available within the basic class, and often exceed the normal dollar values allowed to custom classes:


  • Health: 75
  • Speed: 420 (+10 faster than Cheetah legs)
  • Armor: 50 green
  • Weapons: Shotgun, Nailgun, Upgraded Airfist
  • Grenades: 2 Kracs and 4 Antigrav
  • Items: Scanner, Autoscanner, Upgraded Hover Boots, Holo
  • Job: Thief
  • Total Value: 21,250
  • Analysis: The scout is the fastest and most mobile class in the game, and with its package value of almost double normal, its only weakness is its terrible fragility. It has to use thief and holo with krac grenades to defeat engineering defenses, and be quick on the trigger with the airfist to dodge human opponents.
  • Special: It has a higher land speed than is even available with cheetah legs.


  • Health: 90
  • Speed: 320 (+10 faster than Black Mamba legs)
  • Armor: 50 green
  • Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Nailgun
  • Grenades: 4 Caltrops and 6 Flares
  • Items: Security Camera, Scanner Jammer
  • Job: Judoka
  • Total Value: 11,200
  • Analysis: If you want to play a sniper, the stock sniper is an adequate choice. It is missing the OTR bullet upgrade, and its grenades and items aren't especially great, so custom snipers are often preferred instead.
  • Special: Starts with 6 flares instead of the normal 5.


  • Health: 100
  • Speed: 250 (Imperial Penguin Speed)
  • Armor: 200 red
  • Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Super Shotgun
  • Grenades: 4 Normal, 2 Nail
  • Job: Army, Army Level 2
  • Total Value: 10,475
  • Analysis: The soldier is the iconic rocket launcher-using heavy fighter. His ability to summon bot soldiers allows him to contribute to the team's defense while attacking the enemy base.


  • Health: 100
  • Speed: 290 (KGB Officer Speed)
  • Armor: 120 yellow
  • Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Shotgun
  • Grenades: 4 Normal, 3 MIRV
  • Items: Detpack, C-4 Tossable Detpack, Highjump
  • Job: Guerilla
  • Total Value: 10,150
  • Analysis: The demoman is the explosives specialist. He can function equally well on offense and defense, setting detpacks or using MIRVs to take out enemy strongpoints, while setting pipebombs to block off chokepoints on defense.
  • Special: Gets 4 MIRVS instead of the usual 2.


  • Health: 90
  • Speed: 340 (+10 faster than White Rhino)
  • Armor: 100 yellow
  • Weapons: Medikit, Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Light Assault Cannon
  • Grenades: 3 Normal, 2 Bio
  • Job: Crusader
  • Total Value: 11,625
  • Analysis: The medic stock class is the ultimate support character for a team. He can heal any affliction and bestow powerful auras upon his teammates. A team with a good medic on it will be much more effective than one without. In combat, the medic uses the light assault cannon, which is a good medium-range weapon for players with good aim. Their ability to inflict disease on their opponents (with both the medikit and grenades) can also cause quite a lot of damage over time.

Heavy Weapons Guy (HWGUY)

  • Health: 100
  • Speed: 250 (-40 slower than the Imperial Penguin legs)
  • Armor: 300 red + impact armor (half from kracs and melee damage)
  • Weapons: Assault Cannon, Shotgun, Super Shotgun
  • Grenades: 4 Normal, 2 MIRV
  • Items: Aspect of HWGUY
  • Job: Runner
  • Total Value: 11,200
  • Analysis: The HWGUY is big and bad. The assault cannon has been tweaked in CustomTF, allowing a HWGUY to walk at 1/3 speed while firing, while increasing its range and damage. As a result, a match-up between a HWGUY and a Soldier is much more closely contested now, whereas in normal TF, the soldier would generally mop the floor with the HWGUY. They are useful on defense holding strongpoints, since with their powerful cannon and high defense, they can lock down a doorway for as long as necessary. On offense, they can often go toe to toe with engineering buildings, and even the most powerful summoned creatures.
  • Special: Has much greater ammo supplies than normal: he has 300 shell, and 150 cell ammo. Additionally, a stock hwguy takes less damage to his cells from krac grenades than anyone else in the game. On the downside, it has a special weakness that it is substantially slower than every other class in the game.


  • Health: 100
  • Speed: 290 (KGB Officer Speed)
  • Armor: 150 yellow + asbestos armor (half from fire)
  • Weapons: Incendiary Cannon, Flamethrower, Shotgun
  • Grenades: 4 Normal, 4 Napalm
  • Items: Upgraded Hover Boots
  • Job: Taekwondo Black Belt
  • Total Value: 11,300
  • Analysis: The pyro is an excellent mid fighter, with good evasion and utility abilities in the form of hover boots and thief. Napalm grenades and the wall-penetrating incendiary cannon allow him to melt buildings from around corners, without exposing himself. The flamethrower is an exceptional short-range weapon, allowing him to go toe to toe at close range with anyone except a HWGUY.
  • Special: Starts with 4 Napalm grenades instead of the normal 2.


  • Health: 90
  • Speed: 320 (+10 faster than Scrub Jay legs)
  • Armor: 100 yellow
  • Weapons: Knife, Tranquilizer Darts, Super Shotgun, Nailgun
  • Grenades: 4 Normal, 2 Gas
  • Items: Security Camera, Teleporter, Spy Kit
  • Job: Hacker
  • Total Value: 12,825
  • Analysis: The stock spy is a decent spy build. While many people like to use the Warlock profession when able to make spy knife backstab attacks, being able to hack enemy buildings and turn them against their owners can be very deadly as well. The teleporter and security camera add decent utility to the build, but it is not as powerful as a spy build that revolves around the mauser.
  • Special: Slightly faster movement speed than normal


  • Health: 100
  • Speed: 290 (KGB Officer Speed)
  • Armor: 75 green
  • Weapons: Spanner, Railgun, Super Shotgun
  • Grenades: 4 Normal, 4 EMP
  • Items: Tesla, Sentrygun, Security Camera, Teleporter, Dispenser, Motion Sensor, Field Generator
  • Job: Hacker
  • Total Value: 14,875
  • Analysis: The stock engineer is not the best engineer in the game. They are given a wide variety of mediocre buildings, but none of the upgraded ones. If you wish to mount a fully effective tesla defense, you'll have to build your own custom engineer. In combat, the engineers tend to roll over and die, with only their EMPs being able to mount an effective defense against players carrying too much ammunition. However, due to the high value of all the buildings (plus the ability to hack them) the stock engineer has available, it is a viable choice for a jack-of-all-trades engineering player.
  • Special: An Engineer's cells are immune to EMP bursts, as are normal people with the spanner.


Primary Weapons Cost Description
Sniper Rifle 4500 Comes with two modes: Normal sniper mode and machinegun mode. Holding the trigger while in sniper mode will charge the shot. The autozoom command can be used in sniper mode to zoom in while you hold the trigger. Switching weapons changes to machinegun mode; when the fire button is held a spray of shots will be fired.
Assault Cannon 3000 Fires a huge volley of bullets outwards in a cone or spiral. Using this weapon drastically slows the player down.
Rocket Launcher 3000 Your standard rocket launcher, with slightly slower rocket speed and a reload every 4 rockets. Can be augmented with Cluster rockets and laser guided rockets.
Pyro Toys 3000 Comes with an incendiary cannon and flamethrower. The flamethrower works as expected, while the incendiary cannon fires slow moving rockets which light things on fire. Incendiary cannon fire also goes through walls. Neither weapon requires reloading.
Grenade Set 2200 Comes with grenade and pipebomb modes. Grenades explode on impact or after a small delay, and pipebombs can be blown up with the detpipe command.
Lightning Gun 2200 If you have any cells over 100, they will be discharged in a single powerful shot. With less than 100 cells, it works as the lightning gun in Quake. Using in water will discharge all cells, shocking anyone in a short radius.
Light Assault 1800 A fully automatic shotgun. Weaker than the Assault Cannon, and requires frequent reloading.
Secondary Weapons Cost Description
Super Nailgun 800 Fires more powerful nails
Knife 650 Knifing someone in the back causes extreme damage, fragging many people in one hit. Used with the Warlock skill to collect gibs.
Double Barrel 575 A slower firing double barrel shotgun.
Rail Gun 500 Shoots through walls
Nail Gun 400 Standard nailgun
Tranquilizer 300 Slows enemies down for 5 seconds.
Single Barrel 50 Single barrel shotgun.
Misc/Extra Weapons Cost Description
Mauser 2400 Short range, massive damage. Using it as a spy does not reveal the player's true team, and will not show a death message.
Airfist 2500 Fires bursts of air that knock enemies, rockets, and grenades around. Can be used like the rocket launcher to jump or accelerate. Exceeding a certain speed will cause a malfunction which takes a few seconds to recover from.
Airfist Upgrade 2500 Removes the malfunction.
Impulse Rifle 1500 Fires slow moving armor and cell damaging shots without requiring reloading. Excells against engineer builds.
Laser Cannon 1400 Lasers can bounce off walls around corners. It has very short clips so reloading is frequent.
Holo Device 1200 A cell powered hologram to fool enemies. Glows.
Clip Extender 600 Gives most weapons a larger clip size.
Leg Enhancements Cost Description
Cheetah 9000 64% faster than normal. Can't be bought when upgrading.
Cougar 6000 48% faster than normal. Can't be bought when upgrading.
White Rhino 3250 32% faster than normal.
Scrub Jay 2500 24% faster than normal.
KGB Officer 1250 16% faster than normal.
Black Mamba 500 8% faster than normal.
ImperialPenguin 0 Standard walking speed. AKA sniper bait.
Health/Armor Cost Description
50/75 Green 150 50 green armor and 75 health.
50/90 Green 450 50 green armor and 90 health.
100/80 Yellow 700 100 yellow armor and 80 health.
120/90 Yellow 1200 120 yellow armor and 90 health.
150/100 Yellow 1800 150 yellow armor and 100 health.
200/100 Red 2700 200 red armor and 100 health.
300/100 Red 4100 300 red armor and 100 health.
Special Armors & Ammo Cost Description
Ceramic Armor 575 Protects against lightning and nail attacks. Electricity attacks include the lightning gun, the railgun, tesla sentries, a shambler's lightning attack, the point defense system on sentries and teslas, and field generators. Nail attacks include the nailgun, super nailgun, and the light assault cannon. Reduces their damage by 50%.
Impact Armor 625 Protects against melee attacks (including the axe, knife, spanner and demon melee attacks), judo attacks, and krac grenades. As part of the melee protection, reduces the chance of being infected by a medikit by 75%. As part of the protection from krac grenades, reduces the cell loss by half. Reduces their damage by 50%.
Asbestos Armor 750 Protects against incendiary rockets, the flamethrower, napalm grenades, and the impulse rifle. Reduces their damage by 50%, and prevents you from catching on fire.
Kevlar Armor 1200 Protects against all bullet based attacks, including sniper rifles, shotguns, normal sentry gun shots and the assault cannon. Reduces their damage by 50%.
Blast Armor 1500 Protects against rockets and all other non-fire based explosions, including most grenades (including even EMPs). Reduces their damage by 50%.
Ammo Backpack 300 Allows you to carry more ammo.
Ammo Bandolier 200 Allows you to carry more ammo, and starts you off with full ammo.
Special Items Cost Description
Scanner 650 Scans the area for enemies, mines, and engineer builds. Can defuse detpacks and identify spys/thieves. [TODO: list scan commands]
Auto-Scanner 250 Makes the scanner automatic, every 3 seconds. Show's status in the status bar.
Detpack 800 A powerful C-4 explosive with a large radius. Must stand still for a few seconds while planting. Can be set with +det5, +det20, or +det50.
Medikit 1550 Medic axe that heals allies when hit and oneself over time, infects enemies, and makes the user invulnerable to infection. Infected players take an amount of damage every few seconds until they die or are healed by another medic. The more times you are hit the greater the damage of the infection. You can also pass the infection to other players/soldiers/summons on contact.
Spy Kit 2000 Allows the user to take on a disguise as another team or class and feign death. You become uncovered when attacking with any weapon other than mauser/tranq.
Scuba Gear 1000 Lets you breathe underwater and in gas. Grants immunity to tranq shots. Slows down movement on land and speeds up movement greatly under water. Allows treading water (you do not sink while in water), and can fire sniper and assault cannon shots while under water. Makes you immune to jello water ("serverinfo j on").
Grapple 3000 Lets you scale walls. You can also grapple onto enemies and pull yourself towards them, dealing them a constant low level of damage. Select another weapon while holding down fire to stick to the wall and shoot. Hold down the jump key while grappling to keep your altitude constant while grappling. This can be used to enact special maneuvers.
More Special Items Cost Description
Scanner Jammer 1000 Scrambles scanners and prevents them from detecting spy/thief. They can still uncover you if they touch you, though.
CyberAug Unit 800 Heals you while you stand still. Consumes cells.
Motion Sensor 450 Alerts the user to enemies. Glows and makes noise. Can be hacked to reveal spies and thieves.
Field Generator 1400 Two Field Generators produce a force field between them that blocks firing and deals massive damage to enemies who try to pass through. Their cell supply can be drained, or they can be destroyed indirectly through walls.
Full Armour 250 Starts you off with full armor when you spawn.
C4 Tossable Det 1200 Like a standard detpack, but is tossed. Bind a key to 'throwdet' to use. Automatically timed for 10 seconds.
Dispenser 600 Dispenses ammo and armor. Can be hacked to dispense medikits. If self-destructed, explodes with the force of all ammo currently inside of it.
Combat Grenades Cost Description
Normal 500 Standard explosive grenade. Deals a large amount of radius damage.
Napalm 1400 Explodes with a constant stream of fire. Functions through walls.
Gas 1300 Releases gas in a short radius. Gas lasts for several seconds, but deals significant damage each second that ignores armor.
EMP 1200 Explodes ammo, hurts engineer builds, and makes detpacks malfunction. Detpacks hit by EMPs will explode randomly at a later point if not defused or krac'd. Functions through walls and displays the amount of damage dealt.
Frag 1300 Releases several nails that bounce around and deal severe damage.
Nail 1400 Spins around shooting nails and then explodes.
MIRV 1500 Explodes releasing several smaller grenades.
Utility Grenades Cost Description
Flare 300 Fires a small dart that temporarily illuminates the area where it lands. Not affected by gravity.
Caltrop 500 Drops several sharp objects that reduce a player's speed when stepped on and cause minor damage.
Concussion 1000 Causes an explosion that makes aiming difficult for a brief period of time by moving an affected player's field of vision in random directions. Also pushes players quite far, allowing people to "conc jump" up to high locations. The farther you are away from the grenade radius the farther you will be pushed(opposite to the regular grenade).
Psionic 1200 Explodes and causes affected players to be unable to jump or shoot for a brief period of time.
AntiGrav 1000 Sets the gravity very low for affected players temporarily.
Biological 1100 Explodes to infect players/soldiers/summons in a small radius.
Krac 1400 Explodes on impact to deal drastic cell and armor damage. Highly effective against engineer builds. Functions through walls.
Engineering Cost Description
Spanner 1200 Allows the engineer to upgrade, dismantle and repair Sentry Guns and Tesla Guns. Whacking a build brings up a menu. Menu options are chosen with the number keys. Players with spanners do not have their cell supply explode from EMPs.
Sentry Gun 1500 A gun which automatically shoots players/summons/soldiers on the opposite team. It has a long range and, when fully upgraded, can fire rockets.
Sentry Upgrade 700 Allows a player to turret the sentry onto a ceiling if there is enough space.
Tesla Coil 1350 A truly powerful machine and an asset to a teams defense if upgraded properly. This is a gun which automatically shoots players/summons/soldiers/machines on the opposite team. It shoots bolts of lightning and can be upgraded for distance/damage/supply. Unlike the sentry gun this has miscellaneous upgrades for armor/visibility/turret/targeting and can also get UFF(upgrades from frags). Another uniques aspect of the tesla coil is the ability to tinker with it at the risk of turning it against you or destroying itself, but at the benefit of receiving extra upgrades/health/cells.
Tesla Upgrade 1650 This provides a tesla with more upgrades when purchased.
Security Camera 350 The security camera will report enemy presence to the engineer who built it. A status message will appear displaying the chosen class of the player.
Teleporter Pads 1100 Two teleporters included in the price! When both are built, any player on the server can stand on one and be teleported to the location of the other one. Can be hacked for greater range.
Professions Cost Description
Thief (Hide) 950 Hiding makes the player become completely invisible while standing still. While moving, the player will walk more slowly but only their eyes will be visible. If injured while invisible (including falling damage), the player will be unable to fire a weapon.
Runner (Sprint) 400 Pressing <skill> increases the player's speed dramatically, but when the effect wears off after about 10 seconds the player will walk more slowly until recovery.
Warlock (Summon) 1150 Attack the enemy with your knife to collect blood and hearts; collect blood by scoring a fresh hit with the knife, and collect one heart per each knife kill. Use these to summon monsters with <skill>. Before summoning, collect meat (enemy gib chunks) to increase the health of a monster, and pick up heads to increase its rate of health regeneration. By collecting enough hearts, warlocks can earn a 2nd Extra Soul, and then a 3rd Extra Soul. Monsters can be healed with medikit and given auras. Be careful to summon your monster in the right place, otherwise it will die instantly and you will not be refunded your hearts (though you will retain the meat)! No monster can be summoned in a wall; Piranhas may not be summoned on land, fiends and shamblers must be summoned on clear land with ample room to stand. Warlocks can collect gibs ("meat") which increase the health of summoned monsters, and heads of people which increase the monsters' attacking ability.
2nd Extra Soul 700 Allows you to have up to two monsters living at the same time.
3rd Extra Soul 950 (after purchase of 2nd Extra Soul) Allows you to have up to three monsters living at the same time.
Chaplain (Inspire) 1200 Press <Skill> and any players on the same team within a small radius will become "inspired", gaining "quad damage", and will glow. While "chapping", the player cannot fire a weapon but can throw grenades. Chaplains earn fractional frag points for each kill made by an inspired teammate. The "quad damage" is actually only an 180% increase in damage, not a 400% increase. However, inspired teammates only suffer 66% normal damage as well, when inspired.
Berserker (Fury) 1200 When <skill> is pressed the player will receive "quad damage" for about 5 seconds. Using fury will deplete 40 health and affect the player's aim. The "quad damage" is actually a 210% increase in damage, not a 400% increase.
Guerilla (Mines) 1600 The player is given 3 mines which can be deployed on any surface on the map. They will explode on contact with members of the opposite team, or the player who set them. Teammates will not activate mines. By acquiring mine kills, Guerrillas earn extra mines, and mines with different powers and higher levels of damage.
Mine Technician 700 Starts you off with 4 mines and the ability to place level 2 mines, which deal more damage.
Mine Specialist 950 (after purchase of Mine Technician) Starts you off with 6 mines and gives you the full range of mine abilities. You can still earn points to give you a higher mine capacity by acquiring kills.
Judoka (Disarm) 1250 When close to an enemy, using this skill will steal their weapon and stun them for a few seconds. They will not be able to fire, and you can use the gun you've just stolen from them (you cannot use stolen knives). They get it back after about 15 seconds, or after they die. You can be damaged by judo attacks from a second Judoka even while disarmed!
More Professions Cost Description
Army (Soldiers) 1250 After waiting 4 minutes, the player using this skill will be able to teleport a bot. Ensure he is not teleported into a wall or into water. The bot will automatically attack players/summons/soldiers on the opposing team. As he continues to kill them his rank will increase, enabling him to gain new weapons, more health and a higher health maximum. He can be healed/infected with a medikit and receive auras. After your soldier is fully upgraded, you will be given Extra Reserve 2 for free.
Extra Reserve 2 700 Allows you to have up to two soldiers in existence at once.
Extra Reserve 3 950 (after purchase of Extra Reserve 2) Allows you to have up to three soldiers in existence at once.
CyberNet (Hack) 1200 This skill allows players to hack engineer builds. For example, a sentry or tesla sentry can be given better aim and more health, while motion sensors can be hacked to uncover spies.
Martyr (Suicide) 1000 Upon pressing <skill>, the martyr will be invincible for 3 seconds and will suicide.
Crusader (Auras) 1600 Allows you to bestow auras upon your teammates to give them special abilities. An aura of power increases the damage the player deals; an aura of resistance decreases the damage the player receives; an aura of speed increases a player's speed; an aura of haste increases the rate of a player's fire; an aura of invisibility makes a player invisible for a short time. Crusaders may also 'dispel' enemy warlocks and their summons. This deals damage and renders them temporarily incapacitated. Crusaders gain one frag for every two kills a teammate gets when given an aura.
Taekwondo (Kick) 1250 Active ability: Upon pressing <skill> the Taekwondo Black Belt will either execute a long jump (if running) or a high jump (if standing still). This is an extremely efficient means of covering ground quickly; the only downside is you cannot attack for a brief period of time after jumping, and when carrying a flag otherwise glowing) your jump distance is halved. When high jumping, you can press <skill> again in the air to do a double jump. This allows you to reach most balconies easily, without having to damage yourself with a rocket jump. While executing either a long jump or high jump the player's gravity is set very low. After a short period of time, the game resets the player's gravity, and slows the player if they are traveling faster than their normal maximum speed. Passive ability: When a Taekwondo Black Belt rams into another player while moving, he delivers a strong kick which pushes the other player away, and deals damage based on how fast the Black Belt was moving (typically between 30 and 100 damage). If a Black Belt manages to touch an enemy tesla, sentry or field generator, instead of being zapped as is normal, he instead delivers a mighty chop to the building, inflicting 300 damage. If two Taekwondo Black Belts ram each other, instead of inflicting damage, they begin a martial arts duel. Both players are quadded, and are given a short delay in which they cannot attack. The player who rammed the other comes out of the delay slightly ahead of the other player. Even if one of the Black Belts kills the other, they retain the quad damage until the end of its duration (which is randomly determined when the duel starts, and lasts between 5s and 40s).
Proficiencies Cost Description
Stealth 400 Falling/jumping makes no noise.
Highjump 500 The player can jump twice as high.
Aspect of HWGuy 450 When suffering impact (from explosions, sniper shots, lightning etc) the player will not be thrown around the map but will remain in the same place.
Exp. Body 1200 Upon dying, the player's body will explode with the force of a normal grenade.
Gymnast 450 The opposite of Aspect of HWGuy: player will be more easily thrown around the map from explosions & other damage. You cannot have both Gymnast and Aspect.
Demon Lore 300 You take less damage from enemy warlock summons and can see their health when you ID them. You also inflict more damage to enemy demons.
Close Combat 600 Makes close-range weapons such as the knife deal more damage.
Optional Equipment Cost Description
Auto-ID 25 A status message automatically appears with the name and team alignment of the player you are looking at. May give an inaccurate response when identifying enemy spies.
Respawn Guard 25 Makes you invincible for a few seconds when respawning.
Hover Boots 850 Allows you to float in the air for a few seconds by holding down <jump>.
Boot Upgrade 350 Extends the period of time that you can float for.
Laser Guided RL 1000 Used with Rocket Launcher only. When the shoot button is held down a movable laser dot appears. The rocket fired will fly towards this dot.
OTR Bullets 1850 Increases the damage dealt by the sniper rifle by 15%.
Cluster Rockets 3250 Sends an entire clip of rockets in one shot. Can be combined with Laser Guided RL.

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