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Clan Prozac play mainly the Quake mod Custom Team Fortress


The Clan existed strongly for a while, but don't have enough members to play with or other clans to play against.


  • Founded: 1998?
  • Nationality: Flag us.gif USA
  • Clan prefix: CP
  • IRC channel: defunct but maybe you can talk Snake[cp] into making a new one
  • Website: Clan Prozac (In development)
  • Website: Clan Prozac (In development)



Active members

  • Flag us.gif Snake
  • Flag us.gif HARDKORE
  • Flag es.gif Often
  • Flag ca.gif Marduk
  • Flag us.gif 8 Ball
  • Flag us.gif B2F RACHEL[CP]
  • Flag ca.gif go->NEWFIE<-dave
  • Flag br.gif CU
  • Flag us.gif B2F Sweety
  • Flag nz.gif Papa Bendi
  • Flag us.gif C.G.B.Spender

Inactive and old members

  • Flag us.gif El Hombre
  • Flag ca.gif The Doctor
  • Flag us.gif Chang San Fung
  • Flag us.gif Pirivan
  • Flag us.gif Viper
  • Flag us.gif An Enemy Laser Drone
  • Flag us.gif Ivko\X-terminator
  • Wolf
  • Slythe

Disgraced Members

  • Flag ca.gif Homer
  • Flag ca.gif =KNEWT=>RILYZR=
  • Flag ca.gif cyt0plas


  • One of the few quakeworld clans that had its own server
  • One of the few quakeworld clans that is still active
  • One of the few quakeworld clans that has its own webpage
  • One of the few quakeworld clans that has a wiki

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