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POVDMM4 - "DMM4 Arena"
Author: Flag au.gif Povo-Hat
Gametypes: DMM4

PovDMM4 is a small map designed for use in Deathmatch Mode 4. It is a large single room with four spawns at the far north, south, east and west. Two yellow armors are available in small alcoves, which are accessible via a shootable switch above each alcove.

The map was created by Flag au.gif Povo-Hat in 2001, after slaving in front of a shareware copy of Worldcraft for almost 15 minutes. Despite its horrible aesthetics and gameplay, it has gained much popularity for warmup, practice and aim benchmarking applications.


LGC2 features this map by default, and most LG competitions are commonly held on this map. The past winners of LGC on PovDMM4 have been:


  • Initially designed for RL only fights
  • The handrails were a horrible mistake, but are a legal necessity due to accessibility requirements for disabled or less-able rangers