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  • Real name: Paul John Despotakis
  • Date of birth: January 04, 1983
  • Also known as: Nodge, Slutbox, Nojicles
  • Nationality: Flag au.gif Australian
  • Current clan: Flag au.gif Outta Town All Stars
  • Retired: 2018
  • Map: dm2

Known as the king of the dm2 bigroom.

RIP Noj. Died Friday 13th of July 2018.



  • 1st SBHFL 2on2 League (with Flag au.gif dirtbox)


World of Warcraft

  • #1 Ranked Shaman in the World (2018)


  • "The lazar is actually on you"
  • "Luck is a skill!!!"
  • "You make your own luck!!!"
  • "DM2 only fuck off with your aerowalk and ztndm3 take that shit back to the gutter and come try beat me on dm2"
  • "There is a tactic I see people play to beat Noj cos he is the god of dm2 when you get 1 frag up run the rest of the 10 mins"

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