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Inactive Australian player famous for his Free For All talent but also (and mainly) the fact that he never spoke. NickSTAR originally started playing Quake on Requiem servers where he did in fact chat to people, but this was short-lived. Once his reign began on Eisa FFA, everyone at least once spoke to Nick'; hoping they'd be the one that finally made him crack, or open up, depending on the angle you took. But it was to no avail. NickSTAR would keep logs of his QW console and compile all the worthy quotes to put on his website, only encouraging people to talk to him, and adding even more mystique to his character.


  • Very rarely played anonymously as characters from The Simpsons.
  • At one point had a script that would animate the coloured LEDs either side of his name upon victory.

External links

  • NickSTAR's personal homepage at The Internet Archive
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