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NQRICC1 Eighth Final DT-CMF dm3.gif

After crushing slackers in nqr7 final the next logical challenge for us was to face death team from russia. for this superbowl-like event we mixed it up and brought back peksi from retirement! not sure but think his last game in cmf was around sd2/3. we got first quad and killed their rl with it but their pentdude took 2nd rl and destroyed everything in his way. it was not to be, though, as we were lucky enough to sneak some pents and seize control. after last pent they got good control over the map and it was just a matter of time when they would surpass us, turns out they could have used 30 more seconds, yeah :D - by clan MalFunction


NQRICC1 Eighth Final DT-CMF dm2.gif

ralf start :D they got two dudes building ladder2quad but their climber is too fat and just cant do it, instead they boost our guy to quad, yeah :D anyways we never have full control but just enough to secure quads and raid low-rl frequently. fix enables turbo-mode in the closing minutes and manages to bring his total to 100. special credit goes to peksi for stepping up to the challenge and playing some oldskool tp which is rare these days - by clan MalFunction


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