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NQR7 Div1 Final CMF-SR dm3.gif

We were a bit worried before the game because of many reasons. No one had seen fix in three days and then he appeared 18minutes before the game, angua's connection was acting up and was saved by raket's qizmo and our pregame prac didn't go as planned. The game begins on dm3 and sr gets everything except ring, but that's only fair :D They get a lead of 60frags before angua clears ra with quad (2 rls, 1 lg). The tables are turned and we overtake their lead in the closing minutes, but then mr d. ties his shoelaces and sr wins. - by Clan MalFunction


NQR7 Div1 Final CMF-SR cmt4.gif

Next up is one of the finest maps in 4on4, a map that takes real tp and tactics to win, cmt4! Sr gets the early lead yet again, but our superior tactics keep us in the game. Finally a perfect quadrun is made: hlt cleans YA from rl enemies and does a well-executed bore. Inspired by this we took some more quads but didn't manage to repeat what hlt did. - by Clan MalFunction


NQR7 Div1 Final CMF-SR e1m2.gif

Our choice. We decide to unleash the man of big games, and what a great decision it was! Angua got first rl and mr d. took the quad for sr. Quad was killed soon and angua could join the party at gl/ya-area. I have to say that this was one of the best e1m2's cmf has played teamplay-wise. Support was available when needed and we never felt the pressure here, a clean sweep. - by Clan MalFunction


NQR7 Div1 Final CMF-SR dm2.gif

They must have specced our games vs. tot and hgc because they chose dm2 instead of CMT3. A wise choice. Angua gets first high-rl and quad, kills enemy rl but the pack is taken by a slackers. He is killed shortly, as is angua but after 15secs sajv is the only with rl. Their style was so aggressive that we couldn't launch good attacks to low rl with quad, because quad was usually killed right after it was picked up. We are already thinking if we would like to play cmt3 as well, but decide not to and win with ~15 frags. The curse is lifted \o/ - by Clan MalFunction


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