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Started as a QuakeWorld clan, but the activity declined in 1999-2000 along with the general QW scene, and they moved on to Counter-Strike and Warcraft 3, though some of the players kept playing QW in the clan Whatever. Participated at in the old EQL in 1999 and 2000, and at QHLAN5 in January 2003. Same core members as The Axemen.



It all started in 1996. tr0ll, TiMMi (earlier Master) and Krusedull (earlier ^Zquiggle^), got a copy of the awesome game Quake. We started playing Quake at home and at kurLAN (at TiMMi's place). We were a group of close friends who played different games together.

The name Lumbago came from our sore backs from 24/7 gaming.