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Once a notorious duel player from Ireland. Started playing QuakeWorld at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland in 1997 when he had no internet at home. Played on a modem connection in 1998 and ISDN starting 1999 and became one of the best dm4 players in Europe in the coming years, despite having to play with a ping of around 70. Koopa started going inactive in late 2002 to finish university, but nevertheless flew to Sweden to attend QHLAN 5 January 3rd-6th, 2003.


  • Real name: Sam
  • Date of birth: January , 1980
  • Also known as: ma-skari, commandoau
  • Nationality: Flag ie.gif Irish
  • First spawned: 1997
  • Colors:   1     2  
  • Map: dm4

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