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A former polish QuakeWorld player and founder of the ezQuake project. Hetman is no longer active and has since distanced himself from the QuakeWorld scene.


  • Also known as: proplay, druid, shaman
  • Nationality: Flag pl.gif Polish

Clan history


  • ezQuake co-founder and project admin until Jan 2005 (numerous feature ports, website etc.)
  • a server redirection mod
  • author of an underwater arena The Piles
  • author of some 24-bit texture sets (thepiles, qcon1, ranbase, ztricks etc.) and lighting (thepiles, povdmm4, etc.)
  • experienced Polish servers maintainer - former Aster, Sobol, and DarkZone admin, current Kubuś administrator

ezQuake ported features

  • /draw_fps
  • /demo_getping
  • /calendar, /date
  • /con_timestamps
  • /con_sound_*
  •  %n macro, %N macro
  • /vid_flashonactivity
  • -noscripts, /allow_f_cmdline, /allow_f_system, f_scripts, f_cmdline, f_system, /allow_scripts
  • /cl_camera_death, /cl_camera_tpp
  • /gl_fog
  • /gl_turbfog
  • /cl_hightrack
  • /ignore_qizmo_spec
  • /cl_multiview /track*
  • /cl_showkeycodes, keymap support
  • disabling screensaver
  • all GL eyecandy effects from AMFQuake
  • the XML/XSL /help and /describe system
  • the MQWCL server browser

ezQuake original work

  • /r_drawflat for software version
  • /skygroup
  • /r_telecolor, /r_lavacolor, /r_slimecolor, /r_watercolor
  • /tp_name_rune_*
  • /gl_lightning_size
  • /gl_lumaTextures
  • /gl_fogsky
  • /scr_tracking
  • /msg_filter
  • /cl_confirmQuit
  • -noshadows
  • teamplay.cfg, movement.cfg, conwidth512.cfg
  • quick graphics settings switching

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