Help:Starting an Article

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The following will serve as a guide to starting articles and using templates.


  1. Assuming you have registered (if not, the button is on the right upper corner), simply find the relevant template, click on 'View source' on top of the page and copy the contents.
  2. Open and click 'edit' on top of the page, paste the template and fill in the blanks.
  3. Click 'Save page'.
  4. You are now done creating your own article.

Wiki markup

Some of the basic commands are:

  • [[Internal link on the wiki]]
  • [External link]
  • Asterisks (*) act as bullets

Starting from scratch

If there isn't a template suitable to your desired new article, feel free to create an article as you see fit.

The QuakeWorld Wiki is open to edits by anyone, so if you know something about Quake we don't - we want your help! Is there something in particular you know a lot about? Just wanna write a vanity article? Go for it, new content is encouraged so be bold in your edits, as long as everything's accurate, factual and Quake-related.

Good luck & have fun!

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