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GTG was formed as a local LAN-clan back in the "good ol' days", when people either played on modems or went to public/semi-public premises with hardlines to play as LPB's. ISDN was a luxury, and things like 10mbit hardly existed. Back then, the clans members numbered less than five, and they all lived in the vicinity of the premises which they occupied for a broadband connection to play on.
Eventually, as the Swedish infrastructure grew and people started getting reliable broadband to their homes, GTG expanded and recruited. Back then, Griffin was one of the few "known" members in the clan; not many had heard of players like dakoth, ermac, nightmare or Sir_SpaZer before - and never in the terms of "div1"-players.
As NQR season 4 started, the clan entered into division 3 with Griffin (the farmer) still playing on a modem. After an exciting finish to the season, GTG walked away the victors, having edged ahead of EarthQuake by a mere point in the final week of games. With victory still fresh in their minds, season 5 started with GTG placed in division 2 due to their success last season. Here the clan suffered their first crushing defeats. Out of 12 games, they only managed to win 5, placing them at a miserable 6th place when all was said and done.
GTG was still relatively unknown, most likely viewed by most as a "hobby"-clan. Things changed during the winter of 2003/2004 however, when three of the clan's members (griffin, dakoth and ermac) were joined by mrlame at QHLAN6, where they upset one of the favourites for the win, LegeArtis. Sadly, in the next game they were faced with a overpowering Clan MalFunction who would go on to crush any opposition and claim the victory.
If any had thought things would change, then season 6 came along to prove them wrong. Once again the clan suffered defeat after defeat, in one of the tighest seasons in NQR history - though they managed to pull away with 7 out of 14 victories, they only placed 10th in the division.
Most speculated that their mediocre accomplishments during season 6 were due to the fact that their best player, Griffin, was still stuck on a modem and not able to keep up with the pace in the higher divisions. When Griffin finally got the LPB tag, mrlame also joined the roster on a more permanent basis. Due to these changes in the lineup, GTG was placed in division 1 for the next NQR season.
NQR season 7 was the first which carried split divisions to decrease the ever-growing amount of games per season. In contrast to season 6, each division now only held 9 clans instead of the previous 15. Night turned to day for GTG over the course of a few weeks. An increase in activity and performance lead the way to the division victory in 1b, having had a flawless season without losing a single game.
In the playoffs, GTG knocked out one of the up-and-coming topclans, Fragomatic, in a tight 3-map quarterfinal. Sadly, their streak ended there, with an exciting 5-map marathon against the finnish Clan MalFunction, who would eventually move on to virtually crush the favourites, Slackers, in the finals.
GTG continued their tour of success in NQR season 8. When riker joined them they got a lot better on dm3 which used to be their weakest map, this season they dominated division 1 with a 27% point margin to the runner-ups, Fragomatic. Sadly, that seasons playoff was never to be, and with it GTG's career also ended; at least for this time.



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