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Lege Artis is currently not active in any leagues. Some of their members have thus joined other teams for this season. We hope to see them back active soon!


After Smackdown season two Flaming Fist disbanded. The season after that core players Pietro and Exile together with Forsberg joined Enslaved to play with Valla and Znappe. The other half of the standard four, Dag and aKKe were accompanied by Primus and played with Orkney Clan in SD season three. After this they decided things could be done different and Lege Artis signed up for season four with aKKe, Dag and Pietro representing the old Flaming Fist team. Two new players joined them in that first season, Nabbe who played in Lithium and of which was said that he was busier fragging than talking in mm3 when losing the season three final to Slackers. From this team Space was recruited, who was a relative new player to team deathmatch since he used to be one of the best capture the flag players around before switching mods.


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