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Followers of the Bananameister was a famous Finnish clan formed in mid 1997 by players Flag fi.gif Vekotin and Flag fi.gif Verbatim. The clan was active in both Deathmatch and Team Fortress. Flag fi.gif Vekotin later decided to rename both sections of the clan to "Friends of the Banana". When Flag fi.gif Anza later stepped in as the team leader he decided to rename the clan back to its original name: Followers of the Bananameister.

The clan disbanded in early 2000 when Team Fortress had pretty much died out and Flag fi.gif Anza decided to join legendary Finnish clan Flag fi.gif Fraggers United.

Most famous players for this clan would be Flag fi.gif Jester, Flag fi.gif Omny, Flag fi.gif Isotee, Flag fi.gif Carnage and Flag fi.gif Karhu.


  • Founded: 1997 by Flag fi.gif Vekotin and Flag fi.gif Verbatim
  • Nationality: Flag fi.gif Finnish
  • Clan prefix: [FoB], later -(-
  • IRC channel: -
  • Website: ???


Former Members

1997 - 1998

1998 - 2000



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