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Client Information
Available language(s):
Created by:
Poland hetman and United States Hexum
Latest version:
3.1 (27 Aug '18)
Current status:
In development

The most actively developed QuakeWorld client of today. Based on FuhQuake, it also combines features from MQWCL, FTEQW, Telejano, AMF Quake, QW262 and other Quake(World) clients. ezQuake seeks to unify current QuakeWorld development and suit current QuakeWorld pro-gaming needs.


Note: View the full feature list for all ezQuake's features.

  • Independent physics
  • Multiview
  • Server Browser
  • Demo playlist
  • Custom Head Up Display
  • Multiview demo analyzing tools and GUI
  • Direct Video capture
  • TCL scripting
  • Reacts on actual pro-gaming requirements
  • MAC OS X supported
  • Linux supported
  • FreeBSD supported
  • Windows supported


Note: View more screenshots ezQuake's website.


Parent projects: A Nourai (Australia fuh), Anton Gavrilov (Russia Tonik), id Software

Founders: Robert Gust-Bardon (Poland Hetman), David Balcom (United States Hexum)

Project admins: Sweden dimman, Scotland meag

Project developers: Sweden dimman, Scotland meag

Former project admins: Czech Republic JohnNy_cz, Poland Hetman

Former developers:

Big thanks to: Great Britain Spike, Denmark bigfoot, David Wiberg, Todd C. Miller, zxc, HyperNewbie, r00k, avirox, Denmark Raz0, Dirk, quakeforge, mh, sputnikutah, Sweden localghost

Major ports

ezQuake incorporates numerous features from the following engines:

AMFQuake (by Vultwah)
FTEQW (by Great Britain Spike)
fodquake (by Denmark bigfoot)
MQWCL (by Poland Azazello)

Development help

You can contribute to ezQuake on GitHub. For easy testing there are nightly builds available for macOS and Windows.

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