Eelskins from outer space

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A 4on4 project that only lasted for some 2-3 months


Founded by Ake Vader in January 2007 as a project to bring new (and old) flesh to the QuakeWorld-scene. Persuading his childhood friends Bjorta, Lavve, Drutten and his Q3-playing classmate Desilva to create a new clan just in time for the start of NQR10. Immediately after the NQR10-season the clan was scattered with Bjorta leaving for Allans Vittnen and Ake Vader joining the ranks of Slackers2.


  • Founded: January 2007
  • Nationality: Flag se.gif Swedish
  • Clan prefix: Eels
  • IRC channel: #makt (QuakeNet)


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Participation in NQR10 BronzeA

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