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Official name: Dutch hope on glory of the elder days


Founded by Purity at a time there were no Dutch clans present in the higher divisions. Quite some players were in division one or two but a maximum of two per clan. Most of them were brought together (everyone except for reppie and blixem) in this team that was supposed to become the next Firing Squad ;)

Akira and Eriq were recruited from Four Kings, Murdoc from Firing Squad and Wimpeeh from Hard Guns Crew.

They always intended to stay a Dutch team but at the moment both Akira and Eriq went inactive they needed two more players to be able to compete active. There were no Dutch players around good enough and two friends, Haj and Wigorf, were looking for a clan and thus joined up.

When due to internal affairs Purity and the rest of the team split ways Insanity was formed who started out with Dutch Hope players Murdoc, Optimizer, Sargon, Wigorf, Akira and Snake Eyes.



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