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Clan was founded on October 18th 2009, by MajQ and Biborodek (his initiative), who were the first CLs. First line-up was: MajQ, Biborodek, Ruuki, Catch (Mecenas) and radzioH. After a while Dizard and Paral joined. Right before EQL season 10 Biborodek and Catch left the clan, so the only CL is now MajQ. Clan took part in EQL season 10, being very active and advancing to play-offs of div4 which must be considered as a success considering the fact that clan was established few days before the EQL 10 started. Clan ceased to exist on September 4th 2010 (see Cross Defenders)


  • Founded: October 18th, 2009 by MajQ & Biborodek
  • Nationality: Flag pl.gif Polish
  • Clan prefix: [da]
  • Clan colors:  13    4  
  • IRC channel: #dark.a (QuakeNet)

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