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ClanWarz Poland was a 4/4 tournament which had been created by Polish QW community, mainly, Kapitan Kloze, Shamoth and Fluartity. Its main aim was to encourage the community to be more active during off-season and to warm up clans for EQL Season 11. The main ideas of the league was the interleaving of the divisions: after each round (supposedly three) the divisions intemingle - the teams with lowest ranks were relegated to the lower division, the teams with highest ranks were advanced to the higher division. Another novum was the necessity to play ALL the maps from the map pool. The map pool was dm2, dm3 and e1m2.

The total of 16 clans signed up for the first season: 8 Polish teams and 8 EU clans. These were the divisions for round 1:

Division of the Siths

  • 1. Slackers (]SR[)
  • 2. Fusion (F)
  • 3. Satan's Soldiers (-SS-)
  • 4. comunista simpático (cs)
  • 5. Hard Guns Dealerz (HGD)

Division of the Jedis

  • 6. Revolution (REV)
  • 7. Demolition Crew (DC)
  • 8. Jämäjengi (jama)
  • 9. Magnum 44 (44)
  • 10. Demolition Crew 2 (DC2)

Division of the Padawan Learners

  • 11. Dark Abbots (-da-)
  • 12. Clan Cube Squad (CCS)
  • 13. Axe (aX3)
  • 14. Clan Cube Squad 2 (CCS2)
  • 15. Machinery (m)

After both round 1 and 2 the top 3 of the Division of the Siths was:

After this the Cup of the Siths, playoffs, were played.

Results Cup of the Siths


Team #1 Result Team #2
Slackers Flag eu.gif 3 - 0 Flag eu.gif Dies Ater
Revolution Flag pl.gif 0 - 3 Flag pl.gif Demolition Crew


Team #1 Result Team #2
Satan's Soldiers Flag fi.gif 3 - 0 Flag pl.gif Demolition Crew
Slackers Flag eu.gif 1 - 3 Flag eu.gif Fusion


Team #1 Result Team #2
Fusion Flag eu.gif 3 - 0 Flag fi.gif Satan's Soldiers