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QuakeWorld is a rather unique game in that it's almost fully customizable. This is partly because of its long and rich history with lots of contributors for the many modifications (aka mods).

The QuakeWorld client is open source, with many options available. The most popular, ezQuake, can easily be installed through the nQuake package (download).

Check out the ezQuake manual to learn how to tune your setup to your liking.


This site is a database of ready-made replacements for almost everything you can see and hear in the game - although you are free to make your own!


Charsets, or character sets, are fonts displayed in the console, on the scoreboard and other messages.


Configs, or configurations, are text files which keep your QuakeWorld settings. Look up your favourite player's individual setups for ideas.


Whether you like to aim at your opponents with simple dots, crosses, circles or anything else, we've got you covered. You can even make your own over at the crosshair generator.


The Heads Up Display gives you useful information through all kinds of graphics while you're playing. Detailed or abstract, you will find new HUD images in here.


Models contains custom 3D models for weapons, players and other objects.

Note: while models can be changed, not all changes are permitted in tournaments.


All polygons in Quakeworld are wrapped in Textures. Do you want faithful, high-resolution remakes or something completely different? It's up to you.


This is where you will find new, interesting maps. You can also find new textures here to liven up your old favourites.


Skins are player model textures used for you, teammates and enemies. Many choices of improved originals, bright simple colors or even sports team jerseys.


Modifications that did not fit into any other category: for example, beautiful, high-resolution skyboxes and custom sounds among other things.


Quakeworld folder structure

QuakeWorld folder (/qw/) structure remains the same over the years. It varies slightly from client to client, but it is mostly like this:

./crosshairs/ Crosshairs
./env/ Skyboxes
./gfx/ Console backgrounds
./lits/ Colored lighting files (i.e. ".lit" files)
./maps/ Custom maps
./progs/ Models
./skins/ Player skins
./sound/ Sounds
./textures/ Map textures
./textures/bmodels/ Healthbox and ammobox textures
./textures/charsets/ Console characters
./textures/levelshots/ Level screenshots (loading screen while loading a map)
./textures/models/ Model textures (e.g. weapons, armors, projectiles)
./textures/wad/ HUD textures (e.g. armor icons, health icons, big numbers)

If a folder doesn't exist, simply create it. Place the files you download from the internet on the correspondent folder, and run Quake! The changes should be effective.

You can open .pk3 files with any program that opens .zip files, and .pak files with "pak explorer". You can add or remove files, with caution.