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Cramped is a very compact 1on1 map, with 4 spawnpoints, a RL, LG, SNG and SSG. There is a RA and two GA's. Other then a SSG and RA there are no other items or health in the RA room. One GA is at RL-spawn. The other GA is at mega-spawn, together with the SNG, and the LG just "around the corner", where you can use the only teleporter grab the GL on exit, and turn right to get to the RL.

There is one ammo pack per weapon-ammo-type (1 rocket pack even tho there is a RL and GL). Small ammo packs. At the RL/GA there are 4 x 25 health packs, which can function as an instant boost...if the packs are there.

I found a trick in the LG "lava room" to slide down silently along the angled wall. This was not done intentionally !!! Found it by accident on the other side, but could not complete the slide down without falling noise, then i looked to the other side; and lo-and-behold, there it was possible :)

From every "sort of room" you can go three ways, the whole map was build around that design in my head :}

Flag se.gif bps is to blame for that, since he mentioned something like this a year or so ago, and it stuck in my head. I think, although the map is ultra compact, it will be played slowly - not sure tho :)

The map was finalised on 16FEB2022

- QuakeR



You can download the map HERE

QuakeR's Github map page HERE