Cold Hearted Literally

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"Cold Hearted? Literally."


Samgorod had less and less time for Quakeworld at the day and so Thangorodrim was put on ICE to wait for better times. Thangorodrim still had some active players left and we didn't want to leave them on drift as clanless outcasts. Opportunity for a little project appeared, when we met Grass, who was just returned from break and eager to organize clan activity.

"Samgorod stepped down from the mountain of Thangorodrim and returned to underearth. He wiped off the dust from his old throne at the hall of fire. He took a deep breath and he blew a long frozen wind that filled the halls with cold and killed the flames. For a moment everything stopped and there was only quiet darkness, but then something started to glow. As minutes went by the glow started to grow stronger until it illuminated the entire hall, it had grown into a blue light and as it shined, it reflected flashes back from the banners of the warriors of this new clan that was formed. Samgorod sat on his throne with smile on his face and watched as the captain Grass marched the band of warriors out to war."

-the only remaining page from the book: Cold Hearted Literally.


  • Founded: 2004 by Samgorod
  • Disbanded: 2004
  • Nationality: Flag fi.gif Finnish
  • Clan prefix: cHL
  • Clan colors:   2     2  
  • IRC channel: #cHL (Quakenet)


Former Members