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Clan Cube Squad is a 4on4 team deathmatch clan from Hungary.





Clan founders and the first team on NQR 7 (Nimfo era since 2004 to 2007):

The core is still remain but we recruited new ogres and playing with them many official games for glorious years.

cubEdge Team (fusioned with the hungarian clan Edge for one season):

After this fusion CCS is dead for 2 years... :(

CCS Ressurrected by some old and new ogres for EQL 10 (ramy era since 2009 to -):

02 January 2010 - At last we could make two teams for the 2010 Clan Warz Poland league! Clan Cube Squad - 1st line

Clan Cube Squad II - 2nd line

27 April 2010 The admins having put us in the Second Division, where only the last place we felt would have a chance, it is not played a single game. The team is scattered, not exercised, and equally there is no active team. Even the question, whether we will be able to play the following EQL.

November 2010 This was the last try from me to recruite and keep alive the Clan Cube Squad. We have registered the EQL12 but we were not played a single match.

Maybe the team is fall into oblivion, the spirit and the friendship will remain! Hail and KILL!


  • 2nd place - playoff final EQL10 (div3)

Reached the final, but the match was not played against the Comfortably Numb.

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