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Trivia: Started playing with demo version back in '96 when it was on a cover CD. Played it online and got me hooked on the internet and spent silly amounts on the phone bills (well my mum's money!) ;P Got me hooked on the internet and it takes me back to the days of 200-300 ping was quite playable and the odd modem cable sign appearing was normal. On great servers like wildnet and minos when they were filled with crazyed keyboard a few mouse-wielding LPB's. Joined and played with the wonderful CTF clan The Buddha finger - HanDoJin Paz Splitter (many more when I can remember!). The grappling hook was my favorite weapon! Joined O$ and if I find any timedemo's I'll tell you who they were! It was THAT long ago. Joined [MoD] to play Clan Arena, my 2nd love of Quake. Greets to the wonderful team - Reverend & Creamylust
Joined ]MB[ afterwards with what was left, which was great, Tronus organized a few wonderful clan meetings and that was really the last time I've properly played. Around 2005 I think. But still want to meet up so don't hesitate to shot me an email :) Other games: Never really enjoyed them as much, played CoD:MW2 and got pretty good, but it's not the same... At all.

Clan history

  • Flag q.gif Mad Bastards [MB]
  • Flag q.gif Ministry of Death [MoD]
  • Flag q.gif O$
  • Flag q.gif The Buddha Finger [TBF]



Number 1 fan of the Italian plumbers - Logan and Hulk.

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