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AfterQuake is a Quake package, similar to QuakeWorld's nQuake, ClassicQ, or even Quake's Epsilon Mod. It was launched at the QuakeExpo 2016 (QEXPO2016) event. Link to announcement. It is a combination of the FTE engine (source port or client) and community-made content packages.

It supports both Quake (singleplayer) and QuakeWorld (multiplayer).

The goal of AfterQuake is to make FTE easier to use. And why this is relevant? Because FTE is simply the most advanced Quake client - it supports everything! - and it will change the way you look at this game.
This page is about AfterQuake only.
Visit FTE wiki page for a more extensive list of features.


Download the zip file (the link is on the bottom of this page) and extract to an empty folder (e.g. c:\afterQuake). Then copy from your original Quake directory the following files:

  • /id1/pak0.pak
  • /id1/pak1.pak

to the corresponding folder in your afterQuake folder.
You can now execute the FTE executable. But continue reading...
running Linux or MacOsx? Download the latest binary for your OS and place it in root of the AfterQuake folder.

Step by step

When you first start, you will be presented with the downloads menu. Choose flavor:

  • AfterQuake Minimum - the base package
  • AfterQuake Slim - The base package with some graphical updates
  • AfterQuake Full - higher quality textures, models, etc

Downloads sub menu. Setting Test releases is recommended

Click apply. The packages to download are listed. Confirm. Once the downloads finish, you're ready to play!


What do the packages include? It depends on the package you choose.

  • redesigned main menu,
  • example configs,
  • custom aliases, for your convenience (/list*, etc)
  • Vised maps
  • amazing particle configs (fully editable),
  • realtime lights,
  • high resolution textures,

much more...

Most packages can be enabled or disabled on the fly without needing to redownload or restart FTE

The downloads menu can be accessed later via the menus, or simply via the /menu_downloads console command.

Some content isn't included on purpose, because of copyright issues. For example:

  • Mindgrid's high Quality audio
  • Quake's Official Soundtrack
  • (...)

These and all other paks or modifications can be installed in AfterQuake the same way as any other engine.


FTE supports both Quake (NetQuake) and QuakeWorld.

Single Player

For singleplayer, you can use the QuakeInjector plugin to download a plethora of singleplayer maps and mods hosted by Quaddicted. Note that you will need the full version of Quake for this to work properly.

Quake Mods

Its super-duper compatible with any Quake modification you try. Install them normally, then use /gamedir ingame command to change between mods on the fly. Above there's a screenshot of FTE running a mod.

FTE supports big maps too... bsp2 format... for a complete list visit FTE wiki home

Multi Player

You will find a plethora of public servers running on the internet inside the built-in server browser. Both NQ and QW servers will be listed.

QuakeTV and observing

You can spectate ongoing internet matches using AfterQuake both for Quake and Quakeworld.
In QuakeWorld you can use QuakeTV to connect to a stream.


Contact: [1]


Download the latest AfterQuake here
Alternatively, check the FTE Downloads page

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Some content packages have been modified to ensure they work properly with FTEQW (either bugfixes, tweaks/removals to avoid conflicts, or naming convention changes).