2017 DM Race Contest

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[e][h]2017 DM Race Contest
League Information
Time chase
October 21
End Date:
December 25
dm2 • dm3 • dm4 • dm6

The worlds best racers have taken slide records down to unbelievable times. They've started dabbling in DM races. This contest has two aspects. First and foremost, it is about finding the best overall racers and the best individual race times. Alternatively, we want to see new world records, so there will be bonus prizes if new world records are made.


Scores are dynamic based on the world record time. A player's score for a particular race is compared to the world record for that race. This means, if a world record changes your score will change.

Player Score = (World Record time / Player Time) * 100

Add the player's per-race score up for all 10 races and you get the player's total combined score.

The spreadsheet handles this all automatically, so if you just give me your times I'll plug it in.

Prize Pool

Place Prize (USD) Winner
1st $100 TBD TBD
2nd $50 TBD TBD
3rd/4th $25 TBD TBD
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Races & maps

  1. dm6 - Race #1 (GA -> RA)
  2. dm6 - Race #2 (MH -> RA -> GL -> RA) no weapons
  3. dm2 - Race #1 (High RL -> Path -> RA/MH) no weapons
  4. dm2 - Race #2 (NG -> Big -> Low RL -> NG -> Tele)
  5. dm3 - Race #1 (Pent MH -> RA)
  6. dm3 - Race #2 (RL -> Hill -> RA) no weapons
  7. dm3 - Race #3 (RL -> YA -> Quad -> SNG MH -> RA)
  8. dm4 - Race #1 (YA -> Quad spawn) no weapons
  9. dm4 - Race #2 (YA -> SSG -> Mega) no weapons
  10. dm4 - Race #3 (YA -> SSG -> LG -> Quad -> YA-tele) no weapons


  • Don't cheat (to be determined by admin, ask if you questions).
  • Use public ktx servers so your times can be verified and the ktx version if needed. I am lenient if you want to use a local server. Just record demos.
  • Submit your times to admin at any time. Post here, or email. Include the server (for verification), your quakeworld alias, and times broken down per race.
  • New World Records MUST have a qwd demo for bonus prize. Record the demo during the countdown, and stop the demo at the end. One round only in the demo, if its longer then 20s you've done something wrong.
  • cl_iDrive is allowed. The spreadsheets show world record times with and without iDrive, so please let me know if you have it enabled or not. This only really matters for world records anyways.

Racing Tips

To get a KTX server in race mode:

  • /race - to switch to race mode (/race again to turn off the mode)
  • /ready - to enter the race lineup
  • /break - to leave the race lineup
  • /kill - to quickly restart the race if you messed up (great to bind to a key)
  • /race_route_switch - to change the race route on the current map (must leave lineup first)
  • /race_show_top_times - to view the top times for the current race on the current server

To record a demo:

  • /record demoname - to start the recording
  • /stop - to end the recording
  • it is easy to bind this to a key and start the recording during the countdown
  • be careful you don't record over a record!

The world record demos are all posted at the above links if you want to see the existing world record routes for inspiration.

Notable players