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Legendary american Quake-clan who dominated the America Quake-scene between 1996 and 1998.


Death Row was originally founded by friends from two top west cost teams, 4 members of the Legends Clan (Thresh, Cross, Spear, B2) and 3 members of Xtreme Prejudice (Unholy, Geiger, TwistedKiller). Shortly thereafter they were joined by LittleDragon and Orion, also from XP, as well as Reptile and Da5id from Clan Postal. Handiman was the last member added to the roster while the team was active, during the closing ceremony of PGL's Season 2 Championship where Death Row not only won the team event, but Thresh also bested top Q2 gunner Immortal for the PGL Q2 1v1 crown. Later Makaveli & Immortal, long time friends of DR, were added to the roster while considering competing in Quake 3.

With players such as Reptile, Unholy, B2, Frick and of course Thresh the clan won almost everything they took part in.

The era went to an end when most of Death Row switched to Quake 2 or became inactive. Death Row did return for an exhibition game against Clan 9 in Stockholm (Aug 1998). Clan 9 won 8 games to 2.

It was later said by a member of 9 that they intended to win 9-1, so that they could say "9 won, 9-1".

The exhibition games were later seen as the coming of a new era to quakeworld. Clan 9 exploited various bugs in the game that were completely unkown or viewed as worthless by Deathrow. These include wall hugging for additional speed and the jump across RA on DM3.

An anonymous source at the event said that Thresh confronted Xenon after he saw him do the jump across RA on DM3, telling him "You can't do that". After many failed attempts, Thresh managed to do the jump - which can be viewed in Thresh's POV demos. This was the first time anyone on Deathrow saw this jump done, which is a testament both to how long they had been out of the quake scene prior to this exhibition match, and how much the quake scene in Europe had been progressing.

Interesting Facts

  • Death Row was actually the Untouchables for 1 day (inspired by the Eliot Ness/Al Capone story) however after getting a good deal of flack from some of the community, the name was quickly changed to the 2nd choice (and better :P) Death Row.
  • Death Row was the first team to use roster numbers in their clan tag D2, D3, D4, D11, etc...
  • Death Row was the first sponsored professional team (at least in the US, but possibly World Wide, depending on what your definition of sponsors, e.g. Dark Requiem had a joystick sponsor). Sponsors included, Wicked 3d (video cards, voodoo 2) Monster (video cards, voodoo 2) *yes 2 video card sponsors* and Microsoft (keyboards & mice)
  • Death Row members TwistedKiller & Geiger founded QW Clan Arena Clan Demolition as an alias to have fun and play Clan Arena, TwistedKiller builds the team into a dominating Clan Area force featuring members such as Zero4, Sect0r, Boss
  • TwistedKiller (who appears to have a nose for talent) makes a request to add a new member to the team, which doesn't happen without serious consideration. TK, who seems to have a nose for gaming talent, promises this player, though young, HPB, a QW player, & not local (west coast SF/LA), is immensely talented, and will be "BIG" in quake in the future. After strong consideration, given TK's urgings, the team decided against it as there were too many factors that went against the chemistry of the team. Though I'm sure he was disappointed then, John "Fatal1ty" Wendel did a pretty good job of living up to TwistedKiller's predictions.
  • Successful QW Team Wicked Demise was the result of a website/team name that Geiger had set up for an HPB team but never used. Graffix contacted Geiger telling him it was going to waste, and Geiger agreed and gave Graffix access to the web page and use of the name.
  • Members of Death Row played on various "for fun" teams in Q2Rocket Arena such as Team k0z and later Team Br3ed (k0z merged with another team PSOA)
  • Members of Death Row and Team Demolition joined forces as Team k0z in Quake 3
  • Members of Death Row had early success in CounterStrike on a team
  • Members of Death Row founded & operated The Begotten, a very successful EverQuest, Camelot & Shadowbane Guild
  • Members of Death Row founded & operated Wicked Demise (long after quake) in World of Warcraft Magtheridon
  • Members of Death Row founded & operated Dominion Guild in World of Warcraft (Arthas)
  • Members of Death Row founded & operated Dominion Guild in World of Warcraft (Archimond, different guild)
  • Members of Death Row played Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, 2, 2142 with Team Paradigm shift capturing CAL-I, and World Champion titles as well as a long list of Lan Event wins. Sponsored by ATI, AMD, Western Digital, OCZ, Viewsonic, GameDaemons, ABIT, Thermaltake, and others
  • Various members of Death Row now play WoW (Handiman being the only current hardcore with Nerfed)


Former members

Later members: D16-Makaveli, Immortal

RTS Members (briefly): D22-SoSo, D23-Gad


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