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ZTNDM3 - "Blood Run"
Author: Sten "ztn" Uusvali
Gametypes: Duel, 2on2, FFA


Some comments about the map items.

Weapons Powerups
Lightning Gun: 1 Mega Health: 1
Rocket Launcher: 2 Quad Damage: Yes
Grenade Launcher: 1 Ring of Shadows: No
Super Nailgun: 1 Pentagram of Protection: No
Nailgun: 1 Armor
Super Shotgun: 1 Red Armor: 1
Ammunition Yellow Armor: 1
Pack of 6 Cells: 0 Pack of 12 Cells: 2 Green Armor: 2
Pack of 5 Rockets: 2 Pack of 10 Rockets: 2 Health
Pack of 25 Flechettes: 3 Pack of 50 Flechettes: 2 25 Health: 3
Pack of 20 Shells: 1 Pack of 40 Shells: 1 15 Health: 9


This map is one of the most popular map in the big five duel. You will find this map extremely popular on Russian servers, and it is even used as one of the central maps in the Moscow University MGU. There is also a veriation of the map known as ZTNDM3Q which moves the Mega Health into the long hallway between the Lightning Gun and the Yellow Armor and replaces the Green Armor with a second Yellow Armor that is occationally played in the United States.


What's awesome about the map?


With a total of 30 Rockets as well as Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher on the map, people tend to complain about the vast amount of "spam" on this map. Once in control of the central area, all paths leading to red armour can be spammed using grenades or rockets.


What is the general shape of the map?

Area One

Area Two

Area Three

Area Four

How to Play


ZtnDM3 favors a variable pace approach, and has a good tendency for lots of spawn frags due to a number of spawn points being close in the RA/MH room. ZtnDM3 has Grenade Launcher (near RA and MH), and upper-RL (near YA) control points and a number of long corridors for LG usage.

2 on 2


Why would someone want to play this map in DMM4?

Free for All

Just for fun. :)

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