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Thrash UKCML

The UK Custom Map League (UKCML) was a Modemers UK Quakeworld Custom Map League. Events were held on Monday nights at approximately 10pm, consisting of 3 matches of 20 minutes.

Unlike mainstream UK Leagues, the UKCML was a *real* custom map league, using Maps by great authors such as Aardappel, Bal, Pingu, Mr Fribbles, Borsato and so on, as well as introducing many great maps by less well known authors.

Also unlike Mainstream UK Leagues at the time, as the UKCML was based on an FFA format, application was on a personal level and not clan based.

Joining was by invitation, with preference always being given to well known or frequent players surrounding the existing 'community' of ClaraNet QW

Lastly, but most important, the UKCML was intended to be fun. 'L33t' players, all conquering LPBs and players with attitude problems were not admitted as this was not a showcase for personal skills.

Match Format

The Thrash UKCML was biased so that attendance of matches was rewarded as much as performance. Players who regularly attended were able to constantly rack up points and position themselves well on the member rankings. The Thrash UKCML was based on a Free For All format, pure DM action whereby anyone and everyone is the enemy. There were three matchs per event, each 20 minutes in length. Maps were announced beforehand and download locations made available if they were not standard Quake maps. The server was set to Deathmatch Mode 3, whereby weapons will remain, and teamplay 0.

Berserk Mode

30 seconds from the end of a match, all hell would break loose as everyone got quad (accompanied by a flashing screen), providing a little extra excitement to close finishes.

Axe Bonus

10 extra rankings points were awarded for each Axe kill, up to a maximum of 20 points per event, so standing still in a UKCML match was *not* a good idea as you would almost instantly attract chopper based attention. Axe kills whilst lagged could be disputed if stated instantly at the time, or if there was reasonable information available to prove so post-match.

Ranking System

The ranking system was based on points. Players were awarded a set amount of points depending on their finishing position for each game they played. The player who took first place and won the match was awarded 20 points. The second placed player was awarded 19 points, and so forth. Thus, there were up to 60 points attainable at each event, before taking any bonus points (axe) into consideration.


The Thrash UKCML server was initially hosted by UK ISP Clara Net (in fact, it was called the ClaraNet Customer's Thrash - CCT) and then by Netgames UK. In its final seasons, it was hosted by Alchemyzone, a long gone UK organisation that ran a selection of games servers.



Season 8

8-12 16/10/2000 DMusic Summer XLDM5
Yeti Yeti Yeti Yeti
8-11 09/10/2000 AR_E1M1 Dakyne BalDM5
Yeti Yeti Yeti Yeti
8-10 02/10/2000 Q1_Q3DM13 EFDM13 CCT_TEAM
Yeti Yeti Yeti Yeti
8-9 25/09/2000 Prgatory AR_DM1 UltraV
Cosmos Lordy Lordy Yeti
8-8 11/09/2000 PBRDM1 Sanity PKeg1
Yeti Yeti Yeti Yeti
8-7 28/08/2000 GizDM4 XL1DM3
Yeti Yeti Yeti
8-6 14/08/2000 E4M3 DM3 DM4
Hexy Hexy Hexy Hexy
8-5 07/08/2000 Warfare ElkDM2 ZTNDM5
Hexy Hexy Hexy Hexy
8-4 24/07/2000 [UKCLDM2] [Androm9] [UltraV]
Gaz Pathogen Pathogen Pathogen
8-3 17/07/2000 [Q1_Q2DM1] [Q1_Q2DM2] [Q1_Q2DM3]
Yeti Pathogen Yeti Yeti
8-2 10/07/2000 [ZTNDM3] [PCastle] [BalDM7]
Yeti Pathogen Yeti Pathogen
8-1 03/07/2000 [Death32c] [KikDM3] [DaMaul7]
Clarkus Thantos Clarkus Clarkus

Season 7

Season 7 cancelled due to Server problems.

7-4 20/03/2000 [JVoxDM2] [UPunnet] [Trial]
Gaz Gaz Lordy Gaz
7-3 13/03/2000 [BalDM7]
7-2 06/03/2000 [A2] [Warfare3] [ZTNDM2]
Pathogen Thantos Thantos Pathogen
7-1 28/02/2000 [PBRDM1] [P3a] [DM4ish]
Gaz Lordy Lordy Lordy

Season 6

(#1 Yoshi)

6-10 31/01/2000 [EXDM4] [KikDM3] [OL_Frag1]
Lordy Lordy Dogtanian
6-9 24/01/2000 [ELKDM2] [ZTNDM5] [E4M3]
Pathogen Pathogen Thantos
6-8 17/01/2000 [ZTNDM3] [UKCLDM2] [DM4ish]
Pathogen Pathogen Thantos
6-7 10/01/2000 [ANDROM9] [BASEWALK] [ULTRAV]
RAPtor RAPtor Thantos
6-6 03/01/2000 [Q1_Q2DM1] [Q1_Q2DM1] [Q1_Q2DM1]
oldman Thantos Thantos
6-5 20/6/99 [UPUNNET] [JEXDM2] [ZTNDM4]
Dave Dogtanian Lordy
6-4 13/6/99 [DMUSIC] [XL1DM2] [PCASTLE]
FirePower FirePower Jilted
6-3 06/12/99 [JVOXDM2] [SAFE1] [WARFARE]
Stimpy FirePower Lordy
6-2 29/11/99 [DAMAUL7] [AEROWALK] [EFDM12]
Chewysam Pathogen Chewysam
6-1 22/11/99 [KIKDM6] [P3a] [EXDM2]
Jilted Lordy Hot Cakes

Season 5

(#1 Skelator)

5-10 25/10/99 [A2] [OMA] [HoHoHo]
Pathogen Pathogen Skelator
5-9 18/10/99 [Safe1] [Effigy] [Warfare3]
Stimpy Pathogen Pathogen
5-8 11/10/99 [PBRDM1] [PHDM1] [RIP]
Lordy Skelator Lordy
5-7 04/10/99 [Trial] [Summer] [DM7]
Lordy Stimpy Lordy
5-6 27/09/99 [AR_DM1] [AR_E1M1] [AR_E3M2]
Stimpy Julio Pathogen
5-5 20/09/99 [JVoxDM2] [ELKDM2] [FribWEB1]
Pathogen Stimpy Lordy
5-4 13/09/99 [Androm9] [ZTNDM3] [UKCLDM2]
Julio Dave Julio
5-3 06/08/99 [Q1_Q2DM1] [Q1_Q2DM2] [APeasure]
Stimpy Dave Stimpy
5-2 30/08/99 [XL1DM4] [ODD2] [RF]
Lordy Skelator Lordy
5-1 23/08/99 [UPUNNET] [P3a] [BALDM7]
Skelator Stimpy Skelator

Season 4

(#1 Lazygun)

4-9 09/08/99 [Warfare] [HoHoHo] [E4M5]
Lordy Lordy Jilted
4-8 02/08/99 [ZTNDM3] [PRGATORY] [UKCLDM3]
Lordy Lordy Lordy
4-7 26/07/99 [KIKDM3] [EFDM10] [BALDM5]
Stimpy Gizmo Stimpy
4-6 05/07/99 [Androm9]
4-5 28/06/99 [JVoxDM2] [ELKDM2] [ADMDS]
Lordy Lordy Lordy
4-4 21/06/99 [PRGATORY] [E4M3] [E1M7]
Skelator Lordy Skelator
4-3 14/06/99 [DM4ish] [DM4a] [START]
WuPPerTaL Lazygun FirePower
4-2 07/06/99 [CCT_TEAM]
4-1 31/5/99 [CCTDM1] [CCTDM2]
Skelator Stimpy

Season 3

(#1 Stimpy)

3-13 19/04/99 [ELKDM2] [E4M5]
Gizmo Carp
3-12 12/04/99 [HoHoHo] [DM4ish]
Carp Carp
3-11 05/04/99 [Warfare] [Trial]
Stimpy Stimpy
3-10 29/03/99 [UKCLDM3] [Death32A]
Anarchy Anarchy
3-9 22/03/99 [UKCLDM2]
3-8 15/03/99 [E4M3] [DM6]
Skelator Carp
3-7 08/03/99 [E1M2] [E1M3]
Skelator Skelator
3-6 01/03/99 [JVOXDM2] [ELKDM2]
Lazygun Stimpy
3-5 28/06/99 [E1M5] [Q1_Q2DM1]
Anarchy Anarchy
3-4 22/02/99 [DM3]
3-3 15/02/99 [DM4a] [DM4ish]
Venom Venom
3-2 08/02/99 [ZTNDM3] [HoHoHo]
Anarchy Anarchy
3-1 01/02/99 [Q1_Q2DM1] [NEO_DM6]
Asheesh Asheesh

Season 2

(#1 Anarchy)