The All-Seeying Eye

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The All-Seeying Eye

Currently the BEST server browser around. Supports a wide variety of games. Natural substitute of Gamespy. Created by Flag fi.gif Zibbo and Flag fi.gif Perkele of Udp Soft.

In 200? the software was sold to Yahoo! and the original creators are no longer involved in it's development. Updates have been put in stasis by Yahoo! and it's doubtful if any more updates are going to be released.

In March and April 2008 Yahoo! sent emails to ASE subscribers informing them that ASE will be discontinued as of 15th May 2008 and that a $15 refund will be issued to current subscribers.

ASE has now been officially shut down, including all of their tracking servers. All games that previously used the ASE service will now longer display server listing. Yahoo now redirects the ASE page to GameSpyArcade.


  • Supports all the popular games
  • Fast and easy access to game servers
  • Keep track of your friends and make new ones
  • Find the best game servers with powerful search tools

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