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The variables are:

The first variable entered is the date, it will be italicized.
The second variable is the team name, it will be linked.
Third variable must be any of the values to the left in this list:

r = Retired
|retired = Retired
|teamless = Teamless
|inactive = (Inactive)
|analyst = (Analyst)
|coach = (Coach)
|stand-in = (Stand-in)
|backup = (Backup)
|substitute = (Substitute)
|manager = (Manager)
|trial = (Trial)
|tryout = (Tryout)

If the name of the team and the page name on QWiki differ, use this variable to set the page link.
If the team listed does not have a page on QWiki, set this variable to "true".


{{TH|2015 - '''Present'''|Felia|link=Felia020}}
{{TH|2012 – 2013|The Viper Squad|inactive}}

Returns these layouts.

2015 - Present
2012 – 2013
The Viper Squad (Inactive)