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This template is identical to {{MatchList}}, with only one difference: it does not display a title/header above the match.

The main feature is to show a list of matches in a group with the maps that were played if the person so wishes to expand the list. Also the template calculates the score automatically based on the wins that are registered for each player. It supports a thirteen player round robin style group (78 matches) with the matches being up to best of nine. (this was upped from 7 players/21 matches for HammerTime tournament) Both 1v1 and 2v2 matches are supported in {{MatchMaps}}

A big way this template differs from most others is that you will use another template within the MatchList template.


The code:

|title=Detailed Results
|player1=Rock  |player1flag=fi
|player2=Mutilator  |player2flag=se
|games1=2 |games2=0
|map1win=1 |map1=dm2 |map1p1frags=25 |map1p2frags=13 |map1ot=1
|map2win=1 |map2=dm4 |map2p1frags=17 |map2p2frags=4 

Gives us:



set to "false" to not have the match list collapsed.
set to the amount of pixels, ems, or percent, default is 300px.
set to "true" to have the maps shown when the table is not collapsed.
set your own classes, default is "wikitable collapsible collapsed".
This has no effect in this template. If you want a title, see {{MatchList}}
This is where you will insert the MatchMaps template, X is 1-21.
(Optional) defines additional table CSS styling.


set the name of the player 1 & 2.
set the flag for player 1 & 2 with the two letter ISO code.
(Optional) sets an alternate link for the player. Use the value false to remove the link.
set the winner of the match with entering "1" or "2", nothing else is recognized.
(Optional) set this to "1" or "2" if the player won on walk over, you will also need to set the |winner=.
set the name of the map, X is 1-9.
set this to "1", "2", "skip" or "draw" to either set a winner or show the map wasn't played or had no winner.
(Optional) to add a title in a separate row before the set of match results.
|vod, vod1, vod2, vod3, vod4, vod5=
(Optional) Put a link to the VOD(s) here.
vod1, vod2, etc. do not require the {{Vod}} template
(Optional) Put the date here. It will display between the title row and the first group slot.
(Optional) to add a comment after the set of match results.

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