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Used to put an upcoming match in the spotlight on the startpage.

This particular template displays teamname + an array of players, either on 1 line or 2.

  • For a simpler version with only playername or teamname, see {{Match}}.
  • For a version with 2 individual players with a common flag, see {{Match2on2}}.


The code:

{{matchAbbr|Unholy Alliance|sefi|Milton & carapace|AeronautS|se|bps & locust|rows=2|date=20 February 2021 20:00|event=Money for nothin and gibs for free|info=Grand Final|stream=suddendeathTV}}

gives us:

Game in spotlight

  Grand Final  
Sweden & Finland Unholy Alliance
Milton & carapace
vs. Sweden AeronautS
bps & locust
Money for nothin and gibs for free


| #1 |
team name
| #2 |
team flag
| #3 |
team lineup. No linked text. Separate with '&' or ','.
| #4 |
team2 name
| #5 |
team2 flag
| #6 |
team2 lineup. No linked text. Separate with '&' or ','.
normally use '2', which puts lineups under team name. '1' will put lineup next to team name.
set the date and time of the match, in format: February 21, 2021 18:00 UTC. If the date is in the future, a countdown will show.
link to the event.
set to give match context, like "Division 1 Finals" or similar. Shows top-center.
set twitch username for primary stream.
set twitch username for secondary stream.