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  • year=
  • place= see Template:Placement for placings
  • event= name including season and number
  • additional= written in small text, directly after event, good for displaying "Division X"


{{AchievementStripped table/intro}}
{{AchievementStripped|year=2016|place=1|event=QuakeCon 2016}}
{{AchievementStripped table/outro}}
Year Place Event
2016 A11st QuakeCon 2016

For a more detailed achievement table, use {{Achievement}}, like this:

Example with {{Achievement}}

{{Achievement table/intro}}
{{Achievement|year=2009|place=3|event=QHLAN 12|mode=4on4|flag=se|team=sega gubbar|prize=}}
{{Achievement table/outro}}
Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2009 A33rd QHLAN 12 4on4 Sweden sega gubbar $500