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TC is an elite Australian QW clan brotherhood that comprises of only the best human beings. Not being exclusive to QW players, people who value and represent the TC spirit in all aspects of life are welcome. Having said that, TC stands as perhaps the greatest AUSQW clan that has ever been assembled; boasting members from four Australian states and New Zealand, including Quake legends Darky, skawt, Mortuary, Povo-Hat and Venom.



Formed in 2004 as an off-shoot from QW players who, while not all being in the same clan, will form together in times of need, namely 4on4, to create TC. Kinda like Captain Planet...


Although there have been many theories, TC stands for nothing.

we don't waste our time over a word that doesn't mean anything... A sensitivity cannot be built on the basis of a word; every sort of construction converges into a boring sort of perfection, a stagnant idea of a golden swamp, a relative human product. Criticism is, therefore, useless; it only exists subjectively, for every individual, and without the slightest general characteristic. - t.t., ddm2, 1918



  • Flag us.gif Hayley Williams
What is believed to be an actual photo taken inside the TC compound.


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