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From the ruins of Cult 19 rose a new power - System7


The founding idea of System7 was to take 7 active guys and build top contender clan by being super active, playing against the best and stick to the same roster. Great plan, various levels of success.

In the beginning s7 had great success playing against top Finnish and Swedish clans with prodigy players like Zunam and fierce backed up by solid players like symbol, mirage and prey. Notable match scores being:

Even though all losses, the scores demonstrated that s7 had a spot at the top 5 in Finland if they kept at it.

Early demise

Unfortunately that didn't happen. A lot of players were getting into other things and their inactivity forced s7 to recruit more people quickly, breaking the rule of seven and messing up the teamplay. Next came the new policy from the local phone company basically forcing many players out - for example Fierce, whom many believed at the time could become one of Finland's top players.

Final downfall

By the beginning of summer 1999 most original members had gone inactive and even with good recruitments of up-and-coming players like elec and Peksi and the addition of solid workers like exo and genic to the roster, s7 was unable to reach anything close to the original competitive level and slowly faded into oblivion.

System7's final match statistics:

Matches Wins Losses Frags Deaths Efficiency
35 19 16 10805 7718 58.3%

To put these numbers into perspective, they include: 4 matches against tVS, 2 matches against cMF, 2 matches against Zetor and matches against Clan Z, Galaxy and np!

s7 also had a good upstart in Quake 3 during demo and initial release with players exo, flank, genic, mirage, niomic.


  • Founded: 1998 by infernal, niomic, mirage
  • Active: 1998-1999
  • Nationality: Flag fi.gif Finnish
  • Clan prefix: s7
  • IRC channel:
  • Website:


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