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The 4on4 tournament consist of a round robin stage followed by a single grand finals match.

Round Robin Stage

  • each team will play each other time once
  • matches are Bo3
  • for each map won one point is awarded
  • if one team is unable to play the other one is awarded full points (i.e. 2-0 in Bo3)
  • if both teams are unable to play none of them receive any points

Grand Finals

  • the two teams with the highest score face each other in a final match.
  • the match is Bo5

Map Pool

dm2 dm3 e1m2 cmt3 cmt4 schloss an1-beta6
Dm2 Dm3 e1m2 Cmt3 Cmt4 Schloss An1-beta6

Match Scheduling

  • communication must take place in #spawnfraggin on d99's Discord
  • this allows the admins to judge which team is unable to play their matches
  • therefore everyone – or at least one clan representative – must be in this channel
  • each week each team has to play their match
  • teams must schedule the matches themselves
  • failure to play the match in this one week period will result in a ealkover for the team that was available for the match or made the most effort to be so
  • if none of the teams made an effort none of the teams will get any points for the match
  • the match cannot be replayed at a later date

Map Picking

  • each map may be only played at most once
  • the team to start picking is determined by cointoss: /cmd rnd team1 team2
  • the two teams alternate picking a map they want to play from the map pool until N-1 maps of the Best of N have been played
  • the team which was first to pick a map is also first to remove a map
  • the two teams alternate removing a map they do not want to play from the remaining set of maps until the last map to play is left

Reporting of Results

  • the winner reports the results in the forum
  • apart from the scores be sure to include the server, date and time the match was played on
  • this is to be able to retrieve the MVDs for the match so that they can be used for automatically updating the standings

Miscellaneous Rules

  • use the following matchtag: sunspawn18
  • for anything that has not been specified here otherwise the rules of EQL21 apply