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Originally formed in the early days of the wireplay quake service. The otiginal team was Peter, Cyanide, Flex and Pilgrimp.

Broke up just before the first WPDML began and Peter left to join XC.

Was reformed later after Peter left XC.

Recruited the star players of several other wireplay clans, particularly Shelob and Jakswan from SAS and Telly from JAMS, and there were a lot of ill feelings.

Probably the most hated UK clan ever, for a while anyway, no thanks to a campaign lead by bigfoot and quadnation.

JAMS also started faking as the "Silly Turkish Balloonmen" to take the piss.

Finished second in division 1 of the WPDML, losing the decisive round to Jackie Clan (starring Hakeem and Timber) on a tight DM2.


  • Founded: 1998 by Flag uk.gif Peter
  • Nationality: Flag uk.gif UK
  • Clan prefix: STB
  • IRC channel:
  • Website:


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