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  • ServeMe is a service to send message on QuakeNet to many other channels. It consists of the linked irc bots that are spread across various channels. Bots are named like [ServeMe]XX where XX represent a digits.
  • If you are on channel where is bot, then you can see its spamming messages like:
16:00:48 [ServeMe]06: - spam - #quakeworld - SK|zappater - #kenya : KTK19 Dad2 sign up

Below some data gahtered from DevMnetGPL


If you are opped on channel, then you can use the bots. You are limited to few messages per minutes, to avoid excessive spam. Commands are:

.qw <message here>
.spam <message here>


Why Rules? Q: Why are there those rules? Nobody cares about messages that you think that are wrong! A: We observe the network, and we are users ourselves. We are not new to IRC. If a service gets unreliable people will resort rather to not use it. And since it's ServeMe has its own problems surviving we don't want a supporting service to die because of useless information chunks that possibly get send over the network. We want this service to live as long as possible to support the QuakeWorld community. That goal cannot be achieved when the many people that use this stuff don't obey some simple rules. And rules are not worth a thing if they are not enforced. So we maintain and enforce this network to keep it as reliable as possible for the community. We are the community.

There are rules how to write messages. If you do not obey rules, you will be banned from the service.

  1. .qw should be used for QuakeWorld related questions/statements: matches, events, searching for players etc.
  2. .spam should be used for anything else that is not a QuakeWorld related.
  3. Obey QuakeNet irc server network rules
  4. No advertising like 'enlarge your penis now'.
  5. No away messages.
  6. No conversation via bots. If you are looking for help then the answering person should contact you via private query or meet each other on the source channel.
  7. Try tu use english unless you want only specific group of users to read the message - like German event for Germans only.
  8. Do not write same message multiple times.
  9. Don't be dumb.

How to write good messages

An excerpt of good examples (taken from action quake 2 bots):

"-aq2- MyNiceguy - #own3r : 4on4 mix, two more needed!" <- a nice clanwar request
"-aq2- MyNiceguy - #own3r : 3on3 official cw, let's go and have serious fun together" <- another nice clanwar request
"-aq2- MyNiceguy - #own3r : We just released a new map, you can download it from:" <- new map, new stuff for aq2 players
"-aq2- MyNiceguy - #own3r : A new AQ2 website" <- big and cool for community
"-aq2- MyNiceguy - #own3r : Our AQ2-Movie has now been released, download from and visit us :)" <- cool stuff
"-aq2- MyNiceguy - #own3r : New version of our quake2 client is released! Download available as always." <- cool, quake2 clients are rare.

Bad examples

An excerpt of bad examples:

"-aq2- MyBadguy - #sauba : 3on3 official cw #qurdit" <- don't use for a different channel than the bot is in
"-aq2- MyBadguy - #sauba : #t3hclan has released a new clientversion of AprQ2" <- don't use for a different channel than the bot is in
"-aq2- MyBadguy - #sauba : I'll see you in a minute" <- don't converse
"-aq2- MyBadguy - #sauba : I'm bored, come and entertain me" <- don't converse
"-aq2- MyBadguy - #sauba : We need idlers!!!!1111111!" <- don't advertise
"-aq2- MyBadguy - #sauba : Channel #xxxzzz needs idlers!!!!1111111!" <- don't advertise!!!! wtf
"-aq2- MyBadguy - #sauba : Mais je ne sais pas quand on peut jouer le cw" <- only English! ... and don't converse
"-aq2- MyBadguy - #sauba : Xxx is a cheating clan! Don't play vs them!" <- lol, if anyone would say that..
"-aq2- MyBadguy - #sauba : Let's play 4on4 unofficial and btw xxx is a fucking idiot!" <- national rules apply
"-aq2- MyBadguy - #sauba : HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!111111111" <- real spam
"-aq2- MyBadguy - #sauba : We have a new clanwebsite, visit now!" <- cheap advertisement and nobody cares

Filtering out spam in mIRC

So you are annoyed by reading same message on four different channels from different bots. You can filter this out in such way that it will be shown only once in dedicated window. Script is here Notice for nns (noname script)users - see last posts in that thread about altering events.nns