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SD3 NEU Quarter SR-DIVA e2m2.gif
We werent expecting to win this map at all after only 2 prac and 1 off match EVER on this map. With no locs and no pracs the odds was not good for Slackers on this particulary map. I think we fought well but Divines clearly outskilled on this map. Afterall its a brand new map for smackdown, and its their homemap, so what could u expect.

Demo from Xalibur's point of view


SD3 NEU Quarter SR-DIVA dm2.gif
It was as always a hectic start on dm2 and around 3 min mark divines had pretty good lockdown on map as u can see on statistics. But then we did a nice takeover and made a pretty good lead. From there it was pretty much Slackers map.

Demo from ParadokS' point of view
Demo from Xalibur's point of view


SD3 NEU Quarter SR-DIVA dm3.gif
dm3... puuhh most played 4on4 map in qw history ? I think there can be no doubt about that. This means noones homemap, noones advantage. This is pure clan skill imo. The pressure was really high on both clans, since this being the 3rd and dedicive map for this quarterfinal. I was so nervous that it wasnt untill 10 mark i understood that we were leading and had a good chance of winning. Wich is quite amazing considering we did not loose the lead once in the entire 20 minutes this round lasted :) Around 13 min mark they got takeover and completely lockdown, and i was about to think that this would be the end for us in SD. Fortunately we came through in a nice takeover and pretty much showed the one cam how to win dm3. I am not sure who actually made it possible for us to regain lock on dm3, but im sure u can find out if u look at some of the demos :) -ParadokS

Demo from ParadokS' point of view
Demo from Xalibur's point of view


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