SD3 NEU Eighth SR-AQ

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SD3 NEU Eighth SR-AQ e1m2.gif
This map, e1m2, was AQ's choice wich came quite unexpected. But what the heck. Seing that if we lost this match ment we would be out of SD, the crew was rather relaxed. This was probably due to the victory over DIVA's LAN team 30 mins before :) No disrespect to AQ, but we were pretty confident to win this round, and to be hounest i cant remember much from this round :) I reckon its the usual, boomstick here sng there, few quadruns here and some nice ssg fights in water :)


SD3 NEU Eighth SR-AQ dm2.gif
DM2 was our choice. From the way the game started, you should think this was AQ's homemap. 100% fullstart for AQ followed by some nice quadruns and lower rl sweeping by JX made it look like we would have to fight hard for our victory. Fortunately we made a nice comeback and made a big lead in just a few minutes. I don't know if AQ were caught by suprise, or they just lost complete control over the map. But the lead wasn't getting any smaller, and only thing evolving for the rest 15 minutes was slackers fragrate. I guess AQ have not had a whole lot of practice onm this level, and this probably helped a bit in our favour. Well played - ParadokS


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