Respawn Addicts

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The last remaining Austrian QuakeWorld clan.

The Clan was founded in September 2006. how to get rid of stretch marks created the idea of making a Division 6 Quakeworld Clan to play in EQL. At that stage Defcon 5 was playing with The Pimps but he decided to join the Austrian Clan to help beginners to get in touch with Quakeworld. Orion already played many duels with Defcon 5 and so he didnt think long about joining the Clan too. Fortunatly watzl fell in Love with Quakeworld too so we got 4 horny Quakeworld Newbs :) We asked Slash if he want to play for Respawn Addicts too and he agreed after a long period of inactive time, he saw the beauty of raping enemies again.




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